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Trump Offers Carrot before the Stick

Omri Nahmias

The Trump plan to bring economic peace to the Middle East

Standing Tall in Needham

Omri Nahmias

After arson hits a Chabad house, it's all about spreading light

Republicans Force Dems to Act on BDS

Omri Nahmias

An anti-BDS bill, as well as three other bills concerning the Middle East and Israel

DeBlasio's Debacle-in-Waiting

Yochonon Donn

Will New York pay the price for De Blasio's presidential bid?

News You Can Use

Gershon Burstyn

News is not supposed to be in the business of fantasy

Iran Tests American Power

Eliezer Shulman

Iran has changed strategy as Trump’s 2020 chances rise

Lieberman the Kingmaker

Eliezer Shulman

The political consensus is Lieberman won’t kibosh the formation of a government. He believes that Netanyahu will agree to his demands regarding Gaz ...

"While I listen in awe to the powerful words of a victim or a survivor who transcended their pain, I’m drawn more to those who live battered, and who struggle constantly with their anguish. Tragedy marks with trauma, yet one who lives with that trauma and tries to overcome, who sees each day as “a little better” despite minuscule improvement — this is a role model. Life has its painful challenges. We tend to measure a hero in his triumph, but true heroism is found within the struggle.."
Faigy Peritzman

#In A Word /Mishpacha Pesach Supplement Issue 751

“I, for one, was rooting for Hanna to keep the coat and to do so without feeling bad about it. As mothers, we do so much for others all day. We do it with love and joy and self-sacrifice. And sometimes we need to do for ourselves as well. With that same love and joy.  ”

Name Withheld, Brooklyn, NY

The Burberry Coat / Family First Issue 638

Teen Fiction: Shared and Halved

Roizy Baum

In addition to religiously going by my never-a-dull-moment mantra, I wasn’t going to let my sickness ruin my love for life and fun

Teen Fiction: The Rainbow Lollipop

Chaya Blumenberg

She hasn’t told anybody in her class that Daddy doesn’t live at home because Mommy said that these things should not be discussed

Hidden Power
Yonoson Rosenblum One never knows the power of his or her mitzvos
Can You Tell a Phony?
Eytan Kobre “You’re not using the phone; the phone is using you”
Grief and Gratitude
Yisroel Besser The deepest, most sophisticated truth in the world
Nobody's Perfect
Alexandra Fleksher With the gift of maturity, we learn to accept
Colossal Humility
Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman The last words I ever heard from my rebbi
Ready and Waiting
Baruch S. Fertel, MD, MPA, FACEP Why does everything take so long in the ER?
Bless You!
Faigy Peritzman Blessings don't create anything new in the natural world
Ready, Set, Succeed!
Sarah Chana Radcliffe Ensure success with explicit, doable instructions
The Radiance of Surrender
Mrs Shani Mendlowitz Honest admission reveals your inner radiance