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Testing Israel’s Mettle on Temple Mount

Binyamin Rose

Why Israel needs a zero-tolerance policy on terror

Pressure Points Build in Bibi Probe

Eliezer Shulman

Attorney general Avichai Mandelblit holds Netanyahu’s political fate in his hands

On a Collusion Course

Binyamin Rose

Is president Trump in trouble with the law?

"Who are we to say (as is written at the end of the column) that any Jew is 'non-praying'? No matter where he or she is, every Jew is trying so hard to reach Hashem. To my mind, this is what all this ruckus is really about:
the quest of every Jew to connect with our Creator."

Miriam Fishman, Los Angeles, CA

Second Thoughts /Mishpacha, Issue 668
"The article about Mrs. Chavi Wagschal a”h was amazing to read. She was a powerhouse of a woman, and it was heartbreaking that her MS robbed her of her abilities. How inspiring that she still persevered under such difficult circumstances"


Voice of Faith / Issue 549

Deep, Dark, and Glorious

Leeba Leichtman

Caves and caverns. We are entering a world of mystery and beauty; a world one can walk right over and never realize exists

The Surprise Party

Malky Cope

Sometimes I’d join Talia and her new friends, but although Talia seemed to find favor in their eyes, my presence was mostly ignored

What’s Wrong with This Picture?
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Right to Die? What about the Right to Live?
Yonoson Rosenblum Inside the “quality of life” mentality
Done Deal
Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman A rabbi sometimes has to say no
Exempt from What?
Jacob L. Freedman Different reason for a clear-cut case
Faigy Peritzman How to avoid the anger trap
We’ve Got a Problem
Sarah Chana Radcliffe We may not know we’re negative
Center Stage
Mrs. Shani Mendlowitz Transforming the physical into spiritual
Dear Sister-in-Law
Words Unspoken Please find pleasure in other things