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European Rabbis Preach Tolerance, Find Few Takers

Binyamin Rose, Rome

In Search for Common Ground, Rabbis Stress the Positives

On Site: The Highest Bidder

Tzippy Yarom

For just $500,000 dollars, you too could own the Yid Hakadosh’s lulka, a smoky straight line to Heaven just like the ketores of the Kohein Gadol, a ...

"I have a lot of respect for the therapy world and for true professionals, and I’ve seen amazing progress made by students who took the therapy route, but I wonder if we’re over-prescribing it. Surely therapy isn’t the solution to every issue. I’m happy to see initiatives like that of Reuven Epstein, which provide a “middle ground” type of intervention to those couples who could use more tools and understanding in their relationships, but don’t have serious dysfunction."

C. Katz

Make Marriage Great Again / Mishpacha, Issue 652]
"Why were none of the AdviceLine respondents cheering this woman’s husband on to stay in kollel? No life-changing decisions should be made during the challenging months following a birth. If every overwhelmed woman had her husband leaving kollel, there would be no one left learning! She should give herself some more time to adjust to all her new roles before making such a drastic decision that will affect her entire life and the generations after her."

Yael Wiesner, Professional Organizing Consultant

AdviceLine / Family First, Issue 530

Protectors of the Planet

Ahuva Sofer

Bugs?! Believe it or not, even humans can gain from the hair-raising six-legged creature that sometimes makes us shriek and run for cover

Set Me Free

Leah Brachfeld

I longed for a reprieve from my little siblings’ constant nagging. Most of all I dreamed of the day when I’d be free, truly free

Man to Man
Rabbi Moshe Grylak Each mitzvah counts because they all have one Source
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Yonoson Rosenblum The IDF is sacrificing its own strength for secularism
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Eytan Kobre Technology is biologically addictive. Now what?
Broken Matzos, Whole People
Rabbi Efrem Goldberg The ability to adjust our expectations is freedom
Time for a Rematch
Jacob L. Freedman "Then you agree that I’m probably Mashiach?”
Time for a Rematch
Jacob L. Freedman “Then you agree that I’m probably Mashiach?”
Ivri Anochi
Riki Goldstein A simple message goes a very long way…
From the Mouth of Babes
Faigy Peritzman I use Lamaze a lot more as my kids get older