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Syria Turns Treacherous for Israel

Eliezer Shulman and Binyamin Rose

Israel fears Iran foothold as civil war ends

Steve Bannon’s New Bully Pulpit

Jacob Kornbluh

Will ousted aide remain Trump’s friend, or morph into his foe?

Meir Ben-Shabbat

Gershon Burstyn

Israel’s new national security advisor

"Always My Malky” rocked the world. Let it rock! Let everyone on board hold on and look around to see what is happening around us, see the storm that is raging out there, and see all those drowning neshamah’lech… Each situation is unique and each one has to be dealt with individually. No mesivta or Bais Yaakov can be told “you must accept this child.” But there are scores and scores of good, eidel, well-behaved students who are falling through the cracks only because they don’t shine scholastically. Much more can and must be done for them"

A rebbi who cares

Always My Malky /Mishpacha Issue 672
"Meyer Haas did, indeed, proudly live his US military life, making a kiddush Hashem serving his country and their people. When he was niftar recently, his only son, Daniel, did not say Kaddish. Daniel was killed in the Lebanon War in Israel, 35 years ago. He died al kiddush Hashem serving his country and his people. Two soldiers, a father and a son, two heroes — each serving in Hashem’s army."

Sarah Spero,Baltimore, Maryland

SisterSchmooze: Treif! / Family First Issue 554


Rochel Burstyn and Cindy Scarr

You’ve already packed, unpacked, and are getting ready to pack again — often the least fun part of getting ready to go anywhere! Great packing tips

The Butterfly Effect

Chana Hinda Schwartz

Virtually any girl I passed became a potential roommate. An atmosphere of uncertainty descended upon us as the upcoming room change became “the elephant in the room”

Staying Free and Clear
Eytan Kobre The Heavenly message of these frightening dramas
Making Jews Great
Yonoson Rosenblum The innate dignity of every human being
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Italy or Holland?
Rabbi Yaakov Barr It’s just a different place
The 109th Try (But Who's Counting?)
Jacob L. Freedman Is this the time he’ll scream for help?
What Took So Long?
Rabbi Emanuel Feldman Tzniyus in dress, an essential ingredient of success
Faigy Peritzman A lot of mitzvos in one pasuk
Under Pressure
Sarah Chana Radcliffe Though “life happens,” stress can be lessened
Dear “Wants a Mensch”
Sara Eisemann He’s a masmid, but is he a mentsh?
The Diver: Part 2
D. Himy, M.S. CCC-SLP and Zivia Reischer “But I know nothing about that”