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To Make A Difference: Every Day a Gift

Machla Abramowitz

A unique Succos supplement, celebrating the unsung heroes in our midst – all nominated by Mishpacha readers

To Make A Difference: Empty Arms, Broken Hearts

Bracha Steinberg

Reva Judas, Teaneck, New Jersey // Nominated by Michelle Binstock

To Make A Difference: Hear My Song

Sharon Gelbach

Nissim Black, Meah Shearim, Jerusalem // Nominated by Penina Fein

The Current, Special Edition: The Future Is Now

Binyamin Rose

Put three seasoned analysts of the Israeli political scene in the same room and get them to talk shop — there’s no telling where the spirited discu ...

Taking It to the Streets

Barbara Bensoussan

Arranger and conductor Avremi G has been turning Jewish songs into sheet music for almost two decades. Now he’s going public with his joyous, high- ...

High Holidays

Aryeh Ehrlich

No matter the surroundings, holy values and principles remain unchanged; and even when they’re on vacation, the leaders of Am Yisrael are never rea ...

Down Memory Lane in Sao Paulo

Rabbi Moshe Grylak

Half a century after he and his wife served as Torah teachers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rabbi Moshe Grylak returned. He found a changed community — and ...

Authentic Jerusalem

Gila Arnold

For former actor and tour guide Yoel Freiman, Jerusalem isn’t just history — it’s where his family, back ten generations, called home — and where h ...

If Walls Could Speak

Mishpacha Staff; Project Coordinator, Faigy Hutner

Great men leave imprints wherever they go. A look inside the rooms of gedolim past and present, and the silent objects that say so much

"Over the past few decades the percentage of our singles population has been steadily rising. To ignore the fact that this is something we should be trying to understand and mitigate seems equivalent to watching child after child get sick and doing nothing at all. Yes, this is a nisayon. Yes, we should all be davening for yeshuos. But trying to understand root causes and coming up with ways to deal with them isn’t “missing the point.” 
It’s called hishtadlus and it’s what Hashem wants from us in this imperfect World."

Chavy Klein

Inbox /Mishpacha Issue 725

"The same area of the brain that is triggered with physical abuse is also triggered with screaming, yelling, and verbal abuse. Don’t minimize the harm done with “just” yelling and put-downs. 
There are so many competent, frum mental health professionals trained in modalities treating trauma. No one should suffer in silence any more. Tolerating abuse enables it and also allows untold damage
to children and family members."

Naomi L. Franklin, LCSW-R

Home Unbroken / Issue 605

Meet the Meat People

Malky Lowinger

Is there a sizzling roast or a perfectly sliced deli platter on your Yom Tov table? How does meat get from farm to table?

The Making of a Children’s Book

Sarah Massry

Have you always dreamed of writing a children’s book? Go for it! Here are some tips to get you started

What’s in a Name?
Shoshana Friedman “What does Writer X have to say this week?”
Atonement — Fake and Real
Yonoson Rosenblum White confessionals and faux rituals
Four Walls Coming Full Circle
Eytan Kobre All the while, there’s been a relationship in the offing...
And Yet We Smile
Yisroel Besser We are the nation that toils to be happy at all costs
Out of This World
Rabbi Henoch Plotnick Dirshu Hashem b’himatzo — we are in Hashem’s company now...
Steven and Jonathan Litton
Rachel Bachrach The co-owners of Litton Sukkah, based in Lawrence, NY
Tali Messing
Moe Mernick Tali Messing, engineering manager at Facebook Tel Aviv
Sick Note
Jacob L. Freedman “Of course, Dr. Freedman. Machul, machul, machul”
Avoiding Health Columns Can Be Good for You
Rabbi Emanuel Feldman Only one reliable guide for good health: our Torah
Endnote: Side Notes
Riki Goldstein Most Jewish music industry entertainers have side profes...
Me, Myself, and Why
Faigy Peritzman Where there’s no heart and no love, there’s no point
Can’t Do It Without You
Sarah Chana Radcliffe When you step up to the plate, you build your home team
Eternal Joy
Mrs. Elana Moskowitz The joy of Succos is the fruit of spiritual victory
The Appraiser: Part III
D. Himy, M.S. CCC-SLP and Zivia Reischer Make sure your child knows his strengths
Hidden Special Needs
Rena Shechter You won’t see his special needs, but don’t deny them
Dear Wealthy Friend
Anonymous There’s no need for guilt. I am truly happy for you