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Democracy on Sickbed, Not Deathbed

Binyamin Rose

Fractiousness Can be a Sign of Health and Vitality

Danny Danon: Haley Gives Israel Confidence at the UN

Omri Nahmias, New York

Mishpacha Speaks to UN Ambassador Danny Danon About Recent Developments

The Race to Replace Christie

Jacob Kornbluh

Who Will Be New Jersey’s Next Governor?

“I want to tell Yisroel Besser that the haters are going to hate, but you made a difference. A friend of mine told me that his mother cried through the article. Afterward, she said, ‘I have three boys that went through the system. None of them major metzuyanim. Now I realize how special each of them really is.’”

T. S.

Voice in the Crowd / Mishpacha, Issue 655
“Why can’t a shadchan tell a boy: “If you won’t listen to any suggestion close to your age, then I’ll stop redting you any girls”? I’m not proposing to have an answer to the shidduch crisis, but perhaps with a little more pressure on the boys and less acceptance of their unreasonable claims, more of these talented, caring, and giving women can become wives and mothers.”


Singular Strength / Family First, Issue 537

Much Ado about… Nothing!

Rochel Burstyn

What’s the smallest number? One, right? Well, actually, it’s zero. Let’s zero in on zero, so you can say, “I just learned something about nothing!”

Fair and Square

Chana Yanofsky

Other thoughts hammered away in her head. Meira. The two of them had once joked that they could write The Best Friends Manual

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