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The Rose Report — Jerusalem: Better Together Than Separate

Binyamin Rose

Plotting Jerusalem’s future in an uncertain present

Washington Wrap: Waiver or Not

Omri Nahmias

Riding a wave of Democratic victories, Nancy Pelosi sees a new day dawning

Global View: Hotel Arrest at the Ritz

Gershon Burstyn

Will Saudi Arabia’s confident crown prince be that truly useful ally the US long sought?

Metro & Beyond: To Run with, or away from, Trump

Jacob Kornbluh

“It’s a long time between now and November 2018, and someone will figure out that the Democrats are just as much to blame for the chaos in Washingt ...

A Few Minutes with… Naftali Bennett

Omri Nahmias

Education and Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali appeared at the Israeli American Council (IAC) conference in Washington, D.C., last week, the highe ...

Dividing Line

Avi Lerman

Entangled by eruv bans, New Jersey towns Mahwah and Jackson face their day in court

"People work their whole life to be happy, but as Yidden, we don’t have to wait a lifetime to achieve that. We can be happy right now, wherever we are. By connecting to Hashem and strengthening our emunah, we’ll feel the contentment and serenity we all strive for"

F. N.

Fundamentals: Lost and Found / Family First Issue 564
"In response to Rabbi Leff’s impassioned article on the immediate need to teach tefillah to our children in an organized way, I am happy to advise that an outstanding international program in fact already exists: Tefillah Power, developed by the V’Ani Tefillah Foundation, is an umbrella organization for tefillah worldwide. I urge all schools to learn more
about the Tefillah Power Program by contacting the V’Ani Tefillah Foundation at 718-710-3034"

Mordechai Gelber

Guestlines / Issue 682

Fly the Skies with Hello Kitty

Tzippy Adler

Enter EVA Air, which gives you the full Hello Kitty experience thousands of feet above the ground, while carrying you to your overseas destination

Building Bridges, Building Roads

Ahuvah Sofer

Some tips and inspiring true stories from individuals just like you who found the strength and the means to break away from bad habits and grow

A Century of Horror — and Hope
Rabbi Moshe Grylak More connected than at first glance
Eytan Kobre When Chazal say so, that eclipses all else
Great Expectations
Jacob L. Freedman Not just his personal nachas machine
Vote of Thanks
Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman Dov Ber was using Hashem as an excuse
Today’s Trash
Faigy Peritzman “Guess what I did today!”
Navigating In-Lawing
Sarah Chana Radcliffe Nurturing this relationship with kindness, consideration...
From Humdrum to Happy
Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner The challenge: infusing these days with joy!