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No Easy Answers in Gaza

Eliezer Shulman

Hamas turns up the heat on Israel’s South

A Few Minutes with Dore Gold

Omri Nahmias

Former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Dore Gold explains why curbing Iran’s reach is in Putin’s interest

The Shame of It All

Gershon Burstyn

America’s loony left plays the shame game

Mr. Mensch Goes to Congress

Malky Lowinger

New York Congressman John Faso pursues decent dialogue in a fractured House

Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh

Omri Nahmias

Brett Kavanaugh is a man of many courts

Against All Odds

As told to Toby Orlander Thaler by her aunt, Yitta Orlander Dembski a”h

I, Yitta Orlander, cannot allow my story to be lost. I will tell the story to the next generation, and the one after that

Double Take: Party Planners

Shaina King

“Let’s do the last one this time,” I said. The last sister, the last sheva brachos; it would be so amazing, I could hardly wait

Tech Talk: Share the Wealth

Aliza Feder

Social media: culture of comparison and feelings of lack

Imagine if Charles Krauthammer had led a Torah life. Certainly, his perseverance over personal challenges and his humility in spite of his stature are inspiring, but they pale in comparison to the true greatness that could have been his — and ours. Did he indeed live a life of “breathtaking beauty”? I would say, a life of heartbreaking tragedy. Multiply this tragedy by millions, and we have something to ponder during the Three Weeks.

Yosef Chaim Danziger, Lakewood, NJ

A Columnist who Towered / Mishpacha Issue 716
In the codependent’s mind, the lines between genuine friendship,
chesed, and inappropriate boundaries are blurred. Without these intense relationships, life seems unlivable. But there is help! Codependents Anonymous (CoDA), along with a lot of prayer, self-reflection, and hard internal work, has changed my life. Look online for resources, support, and a meeting near you.

A Gratefully Recovering Codependent

Words Unspoken /Family First Issue 595

Virtual-Reality Tour of the Beis Hamikdash

Rochel Gross

Join Jr. as we check out “A Look into the Past,” a virtual-reality tour of the Second Beis Hamikdash, produced by The Western Wall Heritage Foundation

Teen Fiction: Tishah B’Av Musings

Teen Contributors

I cry. And as I cry, Yerushalayim cries along with me. And as I wait, my eyes beseeching, Yerushalayim waits along with me

Blame It on Amnesia
Rabbi Moshe Grylak He has no past, and therefore no future
Jogging the Memory
Yonoson Rosenblum Summoning up the past is not always so easy
Endless Summer
Eytan Kobre Time is the implacable foe of us all
Three Orphans and Two Afikomens
Dr. Meir Wikler Here is how children spell the word “love”: t-i-m-e
All for a Good Cause: The Conversation Continues
Mishpacha Contributors Readers weigh in on “All for a Good Cause”
No Question Too Small, No Problem Too Big
Eliezer Shulman In tribute to Rav Sraya Deblitzky ztz”l
Under the Chuppah
Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman Of course, I never mentioned my dream to anyone
The Detective: Part I
D. Himy, M.S. CCC-SLP and Zivia Reischer “It just showed me that his behavior is not normal”