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Last Chance for Freedom

Barbara Bensoussan

Sixty years ago, on October 23, 1956, revolution erupted in Budapest, Hungary's capital. The unguarded borders allowed thousands to flee, including ...

Jewish Jordan

Cindy Scarr

I got 700 media requests in one week after that, and appeared in a four-page spread in Sports Illustrated. They called me “the Jewish Jordan”

Telltale Table

Abby Delouya

The table was the focal point of our gorgeous country kitchen, next to the yawning windows showcasing Vancouver’s snowy peaks, crystal-blue skies, ...

Veiled Plans

Rachael Lavon

“The people…who don’t know. They think I’m being picky,” she said, so softly, Bella nearly missed the fiery ache held in the words.

Thank you for reminding us all that the mitzvos are supposed to be an expression of our love for Hashem and our desire to serve Him. If a person is incapable of loving anyone, if he’s unable to have any self-control, how can he possibly be frum? How can he even be a healthy, moral human being? First we need to give him back his humanity.

Another Stretching Parent

LifeLines / Mishpacha, Issue 630
Let’s stop perpetuating stereotypes. “Any job a man can do, a woman can do just as well,” is not a piece of feminist dogma but has, quite simply, been shown to be fact over the past few decades. Women have become lawyers, doctors, engineers, professors, mathematicians, logicians, soldiers, politicians, and CEOs, and they have not only succeeded, but excelled — and this is in a world in which men are still much more likely to be given a head start on opportunities and acknowledgements.

R. L.

Editor’s Letter / Family First, Issue 509

Day of Days

C. Rosenberg

Yom Kippur, a day of hushed whispers, heartfelt prayers, and awed feeling — if you spend Yom Kippur in shul, that is. What if you don’t?

The Great Walls

Elky Pascal

Like the walls of the succah, the walls teens build in difficult situations create a quiet space filled with security