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RNC 2016: Wrapping it up

Binyamin Rose, Cleveland

RNC 2016: And the VP Nod Goes to…

Binyamin Rose, Cleveland

Pence said his most important job is spelled “d-a-d.” And that’s one thing Pence says he has learned to admire about Trump after meeting his family ...

Trial and Error: Crowdfunding Support for the “Chevron Shooter”

Aharon Granot

INTRO Many on the left demanded the soldier’s immediate arrest and prosecution, while some on the right considered him a hero who liquidated a terr ...

In Turkey, the Real Coup Begins

Gershon Burstyn

The attempted coup in Turkey lasted less than 12 hours, but its failure will have repercussions for months to come

Spotlight: Theresa May

James Marlow

Her rise to the top political job in England was steep and sudden, but Theresa May has stepped up with aplomb. Five things to know about Great Brit ...

The schools have done an amazing job teaching girls the importance and value of Torah learning. Girls learn to treasure and willingly sacrifice for it. However, the system does not teach the girls the value of the mother's role nearly to the degree that they teach the value of the man's role.

A Concerned Mother, Lakewood, NJ

Guestlines / Mishpacha, Issue 613
She asked how it was that, with time, her girls all dressed like “rebbetzins”? “I don't teach my girls anything about tzniyus,” was the reply. “I only teach them Torah on a very deep level. 
The tzniyus follows naturally.”

Baila Gitty Vorhand

Inbox / Family First, Issue 500

First Impressions at the Wall

C. B. Lieber

In the midst of the broiling summer heat, we have the long fast day of Shivah Asar B’Tammuz. Why are we mourning?

Making Ends Meet

Esther Gilbert

“Don’t shoot the messenger,” she shrugged. “I have no idea what Mrs. Hersch wants you for.”

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