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Sneak Attack at Trump Tower

Yossi Elituv

Bennett’s visit takes Netanyahu by surprise

A Bully Pulpit and Policy Vehicle

Binyamin Rose

What Orthodox Jews expect Betsy DeVos to bring to the Department of Education

The Headline that Waited 20 Years

Binyamin Rose

Castro’s death and the Jews

"Thank you for a very thought-provoking cover story about the post-election climate in the US and how average Jews are dealing with the fallout. I was very upset — albeit not surprised — to read about the horrific treatment of the bagel seller by “enlightened” members of the liberal left. It was infuriating and heartbreaking to read how these supposed champions of diversity would willingly strip a man of his business and customers just because of his political views."

Eliyahu Hershkowitz

Dividing Lines / Mishpacha, Issue 636
"Success in any field cannot be defined in terms of any single characteristic, and the idea that differential gender representation in most fields can be explained by neuroscience is pop science. Let’s not be so quick to decide that math and science are things that belong to men, especially when math and science both show that this is not the case."

Rivka Levitan

Inbox / Family First, Issue 515

So Far and Yet So Near

B. Deer

Space is huge — full of planets, stars, galaxies, meteors, moons, cosmos, and more. Imagine seeing all that up close through a telescope!

Priceless Presents

Chavi Brody

“Clothing?! I’ve been wearing this outfit so often, the design is getting all rubbed out! And look, it barely fits!”

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