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Midterm Litmus Test for Trump

Omri Nahmias

Trump’s name may not appear on the ballot, but in every other way, the election results will be a litmus test of his presidency — and he knows it

Everything Wrong for the Alt-Right

Omri Nahmias

After miserable rally turnout, is it good night for alt-right?

A Few Minutes with Rabbi Abba Cohen

Omri Nahmias

Agudah's Washington director Abba Cohen on the anti-Semitic threat in America

What Israel Lost in Gaza

Binyamin Rose

Costly cease-fire: Why tomorrow may be too late to destroy Hamas

What Israel Gains with a Yes, But

Binyamin Rose

Enter Bibi Netanyahu, the Middle East grandmaster of the “yes, but”

The Real Impediment to Peace

Binyamin Rose

If the Trump administration wants to know where the real impediment to peace lies, there’s a public opinion survey it should take a closer look at

Spy Games

Eliezer Shulman

Mossad veterans talk about Israel’s black ops

"Their [Shapira’s and Raybi’s] worldview is uncomfortably in conflict with many halachos, and no matter how badly they try to corroborate their thought process with Chazal, their efforts come off as pathetic attempts to cover their tracks. I only hope that when Mashiach comes b’karov, they won’t throw Eliyahu Hanavi off his donkey, and protest outside the Beis Hamikdash against the korbanos being brought inside the walls.

Elchonon Kletzker

Where’s the Beef? / Issue 721

"Leah Gebber’s Map the Starlight was an absolute masterpiece! It was a magnificent piece of prose — the thread of the story, the historical background, the character development of each cast member, the wisdom imparted at many intervals, and the beautiful wording, each word of which I savored and reread to “resavor” its meaning. I hope you have more of this author’s works coming. It was the first article I turned to as I checked to see each week that it continued. My heart plummeted when I saw “The End”!


Shoshannah Gross

Map the Starlight

Extreme Talents

Rochel Burstyn

You might have even wondered what your special talent is. Look inside you — it could be anything! Here are some folks with unusual talents.

Teen Fiction: Bullied

Bassy Goldhirsch

“I need security, and Mimi gives me that. The social jungle of high school is not easy to survive. But Mimi knows the way. She’s my GPS”

Whose State Is It?
Rabbi Moshe Grylak The Nation-State Bill adds nothing to the simple truth
First, Clean Your Room
Yonoson Rosenblum Disorder of our rooms reflects the disorder of our minds
Start Up with G-d
Eytan Kobre “Women rabbis” suffocate the spirit of the law
The Non-Competitive Competitors
Rabbi Avrohom Weinrib Competition? We are all working for the same Boss!
In Defense of Those Eltere Bochurim
“Still Waiting” (an anonymous contributor) A perspective built on 12 years (and counting) of dating
No Size Fits All
Jacob L. Freedman Meir’s success seemed practically carved out for him
Endnote - Start with the Heart
Riki Goldstein “I start with the heart of the sound, then add layers”
Great Shakes
Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman Hashem has His ways of pressing our “reset” button
Of Gates and Gators
Faigy Peritzman Our ears can receive messages the most easily
I Don’t Know
Sarah Chana Radcliffe Get around decision paralysis by listening to your gut
Time to Try the Frum Dating Sites?
Sara Eisemann That’s my problem and I’ll have to work it through