F ishel and Faivish were reading their favorite kids’ magazine. Of course, things hadn’t gone entirely smoothly. Fishel had grabbed the magazine first, only to have Faivish snatch it out of his hands. Fishel had tried to retrieve it, almost ripping it in half. In the end, the brothers decided to follow the famous advice of Shlomo Hamelech, and cut the disputed item in two. They snipped it right down the middle page, with Fishel taking the first half and Faivish the second.

The only problem was, there was a fascinating feature in the middle of the magazine, which was now divided into two sections.

“Gimme that,” ordered Fishel after a few minutes. “I need to finish the article.”

“No way. You gimme your part. I’ve only read the second bit, and I need the first.”

“Well, my part comes first.”

“So what! My part comes second.”

At this point Mrs. Friedman intervened, and made them tape the two sections of the magazine back together. The troublesome two were now able to read the middle feature at the same time.

After they’d finished, Fishel and Faivish looked at each other with shining eyes, all arguments forgotten. It was clear they’d both been deeply inspired.

“Wow! An organization started by a ten-year-old kid,” breathed Fishel.

“Yeah,” echoed Faivish dreamily.

Fishel sat up straight.

“Hey! Why don’t we start our own organization?”

“You know what? You’re right,” Fishel agreed with his brother for a change. “What kind of organization should it be?”

“It’s got to fill a real need,” mused Fishel. “That’s what the boy in the article said.”

“Yeah, and he said to be clear about your goals,” echoed Faivish.”



“Got it!”

Faivish jumped.

“Got what?”

“An idea, that’s what,” declared Fishel excitedly.

Once he heard it, even Faivish had to admit it was a winner.

Fishel explained piteously that often, by afternoon recess, he had already finished all the ample snacks Mrs. Friedman sent with him to school, and was hungry. No doubt there were other boys in a similar predicament. Faivish nodded vigorously.

The idea was to found an organization for hungry boys. After some deliberation, the brothers came up with a suitable name: “The Starving Schoolkids Society.” They would raise money, and use it to feed all those poor fellows who otherwise would have to suffer severe hunger pangs until they got home.

Fishel and Faivish decided to call up the kids’ magazine to inform them about their amazing new organization. It surely deserved an article of its own. They checked inside the front cover, found a telephone number, and dialed. (Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 708)