M ention the name Yussi Sonnenblick to any Jewish music aficionado, and he’ll likely recall some of the famous early Pirchei songs, perhaps Baruch Chait’s “Mi Ho’ish,” “Eilecha Hashem Ekra,” or “Racheim Bechasdecha.” Back in the 1960s, Yussi was Pirchei’s first star soloist, a child prodigy with a golden voice. His iconic “Eilecha” solo captured the voice of that generation’s Pirchei youth: fresh, energetic, and sincere. Yet along with the Pirchei recordings, he also performed as child soloist for Chazzan Moshe Koussevitzky, a lyric tenor with a glorious voice and one of the most celebrated chazzanim of the 20th century, and for Ben Zion Shenker, whose Modzhitzer compositions became classics.