t was 4 a.m. at the recent wedding of the Belzer Rebbe’s grandson, and the Rebbe began his dance at the mitzvah tantz, right before the chassan himself. The masses of chassidim stood and watched, but the Rebbe’s dance seemed to stretch on for far longer than usual. 

On and on, suspended in time, the holy dance continued, to the song composed by the Rebbe himself in honor of this occasion: “Ki anu amecha ve’atah Elokeinu, anu banecha ve’atah Avinu — We are Your people and You are our G-d, we are Your children and You are our Father,” from the Yom Kippur davening. The busloads of followers who had to leave to Ashdod and other cities piled out and journeyed homeward, with the song echoing in their ears. 

Yet when they ran to the local live hookup on their return, they were amazed to see that the Ruv was still dancing to the very same niggun. According to onlookers, the song was sung for 72 minutes straight. Afterwards, the Rebbe commented that he was simply unable to stop in the middle of these holy words. (Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 713)