air shrieked as the eagle wrenched his turban from his head and rocketed into the air.

“Help me!” Yair called desperately to passerby as he chased the eagle. The 99 gold coins tucked inside the turban were getting away from him!

“Excuse! Sorry! Watch out!” Yair called out apologies as he pushed his way through a crowded food market. He had to keep the eagle in sight!

“What’s the big idea?” A heavyset food vendor with a large cleaver in his hands stepped in front of Yair.

“That eagle has my coins! Please, let me go!”

“What eagle?” the big man asked, staring at the empty sky.

“Forget it! It’s gone!” Yair sobbed, clambering to his feet as a crowd of people pointed at him and whispered among themselves.

Feeling incredibly sad, Yair trudged slowly back to the spot where he had dropped his expensive meats.

A pack of stray dogs were happily eating the meat he had bought for Shabbos. “Get away from that meat!” Yair shrieked, rushing at them. The dogs scattered, but all that remained was a pile of bones.




30 days later…

Jeffer and Djanger returned to the rope pits with much excitement. They were eager to see what had become of their experiment.

“I think I know the answer to this question,” Djanger said to the taskmaster sitting beside the pits. “But does Yair still work here?”

“Of course he’s still here!” the taskmaster replied. “He was back the day after you two visited him!”

“H-how is that possible?” Djanger gasped.

A few minutes later Yair climbed up from the pits, drenched in mud, and faced the two businessmen with a sheepish expression. He described how he had put the coins inside his turban and a crazy eagle had stolen them!

“So before you even got to your house the coins were already gone?” Djanger asked in utter disbelief.

“Yes,” Yair said, hanging his head in shame.

“Don’t feel bad, my friend!” Jeffer told Yair. “This just proves my point! If Hashem doesn’t want someone to be rich, they never will be!”

“One time is not definitive proof!” Djanger insisted, reaching into his purse and handing Yair 50 gold coins.

“So be it.” Jeffer smiled and added 50 of his own coins.

“This time don’t stop at any meat stores! Go straight home!” Djanger instructed Yair.

“I won’t let anything happen to this money!” Yair promised.

“Good,” Djanger said. “We’ll return in 30 days and I truly hope we’ll find you in a better situation than you are currently in.”



Yair bid farewell to the businessmen and raced home with the coins clutched tightly to his chest. This time he did not stop at any stores. As soon as he burst through his front door, he searched for a secure hiding spot for his coins.

His eyes fell upon an old jug that his family never used anymore. He placed the coins at the bottom of the jug and then placed a piece of metal over the top so that no one would ever guess what the jug truly contained.

Satisfied with his hiding spot, Yair waited for his wife Hodaya to return home. After an hour of waiting, he decided to take a quick nap before she returned. He took one last glance at the jug and then headed off to bed. (Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 718)