he one song I’ll always be singing during Elul, both in public and at home, is Yigal Calek’s classic London School of Jewish Song ‘Chamol al Maasecha’ [the one with the rain and thunder as part of the intro in the original recording, and which begins with an emphasis on the first syllable of Cha – mol…al ma’asecha… —Ed.]

“As for a niggun that brings home to me the magnitude of these days, that’s Rav Shalom Schwadron’s niggun/nusach for the words from Unesaneh Tokef, ‘Ubashofar gadol yitoka.’ It originated in Yeshivas Chevron, where Rav Shalom was the baal tefillah, but has now spread throughout the litvishe yeshivah world.” —Arranger Yoeli Dickman (Originally featured in Mishpacha, Issue 724)