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Write for Mishpacha

We are always looking for new writers for our feature articles. If you’d like to write features for us, please email your resume and three feature writing samples to submissions@mishpacha.com.


Pitching an article or submitting a story

If you have an idea that you think would be appropriate for an article in any of Mishpacha’s magazines, please send us a formal pitch. To do so, please submit a description and explanation of what the story is, why it is of interest, and what makes it timely and applicable. If you have access to sources, documents, photos, or other materials, please be sure to indicate that. The entire pitch should be no longer than three paragraphs.

Please note that we only publish original material. Additionally, we generally work several weeks in advance (months for Yom Tov issues), so if your story is time-sensitive, please send it in early.

The best way to submit material is as an attachment via email to the appropriate magazine (see below). Mailed or faxed submissions may not receive a reply.


Family First

For the most part, we seek submissions that are stories and personal essays. Personal essays run as Life Takes (the column on the last page of the magazine), and they should be 750-800 words. We look for material that presents a life experience with an epiphany, and we seek work that is well written and stirs emotion with drama, poignancy, or humor.

Longer stories, both fiction and non-fiction, should be between 1,000-3,000 words. Please note in your submission if the story is true, based on a true story, or fiction. Fiction stories should either have female main characters or deal with topics that women can relate to. In addition, we're looking for stories that impart lessons subtly, rather than overtly, and we particularly appreciate stories that touch on fresh topics or have unexpected twists.


We only accept original work, and we don’t run poems.

If you have an idea for a feature, please do not send us the completed article. Instead, send us a detailed pitch explaining what you’d like to cover and how you would do it, as well as two writing samples.

Please e-mail submissions@mishpacha.com with submissions for Family First.


Mishpacha Junior

Most Mishpacha Junior submissions are for our weekly 1,400-word fiction story. Submitted work should be entertaining and have lively prose, and we like stories that impart values in a non-preaching manner. Longer fiction stories, to be serialized in installments, are also considered.

Please email junior@mishpacha.com with submissions for Mishpacha Junior.



Kolmus accepts submissions of Torah-related material. Articles must be comprehensive examinations of a subject in order to be considered for publication, and they should be written in flowing, enjoyable prose.

Outlines for proposed articles are also welcome. If accepted, an editor will guide the writer as to how to proceed in writing the article.

Please email kolmuseditor@mishpacha.com with submissions for Kolmus.



TeenPages accepts a wide variety of work that is of interest to today’s frum teenage girls. Submissions often include short fiction, historical fiction, recipes, crafts, tips, and more.

Please email teens@mishpacha.com with submissions TeenPages.

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