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Hello! Meet Chaim Dov Ziskind, 12 years old, of Antwerp, Belgium

C.B. Gavant

MJ: What school do you go to? How many boys are there in your class? CDZ: My school is called Yesodei HaTorah. There are ten boys in my class, with two classes in the grade. Some grades are bigger than mine, with 18 or even 20 boys in each class. MJ: Is Yesodei HaTorah the only frum boys’ school in Antwerp? CDZ: No, there are others too, but mostly chassidish chadarim.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MJ: A lot of people in Antwerp speak Yiddish, right? What language are your classes in?

CDZ: Our kodesh classes are in Yiddish, and our chol classes are in Flemish. We also learn English and French.

MJ: That’s a lot of languages. What language do you speak at home, and to your friends?

CDZ: At home we speak English, but many of my friends speak Yiddish. When I’m talking to friends who speak English, I talk to them in English, and when I’m talking to other friends I speak to them in Yiddish.

MJ: What do you do in your spare time?

CDZ: I eat! I also like to play with my friends and to read. We have many Jewish bookstores in Antwerp, so there are a lot of books to read. We either buy books or borrow from friends. Mostly I read in English. I also like to read the Mishpacha Junior — especially the last page! Sometimes I’ll go bike riding with my friends after school, to a park or just around the block.


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