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Dangerous Creatures!

Cindy Scarr

What are the world’s most dangerous animals? Judging by how many deaths they cause a year, it’s not always the biggest or scariest. Mishpacha Junior has drawn up a list of all the animals we recommend you stay far away from …

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

frogTop Ten Dangerous Creatures



Hippos might look heavy and clumsy and slow … but they’re not! Hippos, which live in Africa, can run over 20 mph and have enormous jaws and 20-inch canines. When a hippo is frightened — and they get frightened easily — a hippo will attack, especially, like most animals, if it’s protecting its babies.



Lions are quick and strong — male lions can weigh up to 550 pounds — and while most lions aren’t man-eaters, some lions are, especially older lions whose teeth have decayed (no lion dentists!) who are looking for prey a lot slower and easier to catch than antelopes. Lions are found in Africa, India, and the Middle East.


Cape Buffalos

Even lions don’t dare start up with a Cape buffalo. That might be because Cape buffalo weigh over 1,500 pounds and travel and live in very large herds. Native to Africa, Cape buffalos work well as a group; if one Cape buffalo is attacked, the entire herd springs into action.



Most jellyfish stings, even though they’re extremely painful, aren’t toxic. The box jellyfish is the most toxic jellyfish. A sting can easily kill a person because their venom leads to paralysis, and paralysis often leads to drowning. Most jellyfish stings happen either in the Atlantic Ocean, near Florida, or along Australia’s eastern coast.


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