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The Four Sons — All of Them Chachamim

Shira Yehudit Djlilmand

On the Seder night, we read in the Haggadah about the four sons; one is a chacham (wise person), one is a rasha (wicked person), one is a tam (simpleton), and one is a she’eino yodei’a lish’ol (a child who doesn’t yet know to ask). This year, Mishpacha Junior interviewed four boys from four different cities. The boys tell us about how they spend Pesach. Each of them has different minhagim (customs), but in one thing they’re all alike: each of them is a chacham!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

four boys eating matzahWhen we get to “Ha lachma anya” in the Haggadah, everyone who is big enough to read stands up, holds the plate with the matzot up high and reads the psukim out loud.

We have a special Persian haroset, which tastes fantastic. It has all kinds of things in it — dates, raisins, bananas, walnuts, ginger, and an expensive spice called saffron that gives it a rich color. When you spread it on the matzot together with the lettuce in vinegar (what we use for hazeret) it’s so good you can’t stop eating it!

For the meal, we usually have soup, followed by a kind of rich chicken and beef stew, with savory potatoes and green beans. Dessert we don’t bother about — who can even think about dessert after all those matzot?

Afikomen is great fun. Rabbi Cohen hides the afikomen and us kids have to find it, and whoever finds it gets the prize. Because there are so many kids, he hides it a few times so more kids can get a prize.

My favorite part of the Seder is at the end, when we sing “Dayeinu.” Persians have this really cool custom of hitting each other with spring onions — it’s supposed to symbolize the “avodat perech” in Mitzrayim. Even the children are allowed to hit their elders with the onions, just like the foremen in Mitzrayim would beat their elders! As you can imagine, we all love that bit! 


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