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Milk Mayhem

Bracha Rosman

“Please, Ma, we can’t,” Liba whined. “Liba, honey,” her mother said gently, “Every year it’s the same thing.” “I know, but every year it bothers me more and more.” Her mother looked Liba straight in the eye. “Listen, sweetie, I know how you feel about Mr. Moo, but the fact is cows give milk. Cheese is made from milk and we are having Mrs. Braun’s cheesecake on Shavuos. Understand?” Liba’s shoulder’s drooped. “I guess so,” she squeaked. Her mother smiled. “Good.”

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

mooChaim shook his head in disbelief. “After all these years, you’re still worried that, that ridiculous cow’s feelings will be hurt if we eat Mrs. Braun’s cheesecake?”

Liba nodded feebly. “Well, milk comes from cows and I don’t want Mr. Moo to think we’re taking advantage of him.”

“Why are you picking on the poor cheesecake? We have milchig all year long and we’ll be eating a huge milchig seudah on Shavuos.”

“Yeah, but you know how everyone makes such a big deal about ‘The Cheesecake.’ ”

“Well Liba,” Chaim said loudly. “Here’s a news flash for you. You’re making a big deal about nothing. Cows don’t have feelings, especially overstuffed fuzzy ones.”

Liba opened her mouth to speak, then quickly closed it. Why had she confided in her older brother her sensitivity towards cheesecake? She knew it would be futile to argue. Chaim was so … so … Chaim.

Chaim smiled widely. “Here’s another news flash for you, sister dear. I plan on eating at least three to four slices of cheesecake. Cheese which comes from milk, which comes from cows, you know, that ‘cute’ little animal that sits uselessly on your bed.”

Liba was horrified by the thought. She pressed her lips tightly together, refusing to grace him with a response.


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