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Zeidy Zakon: A Visit to a Torah Center

Rabbi Nachman and Miriam Zakon

Well, everybody, where do you think we’re going this time? South, no north, let’s go west! I’ll tell you what, let’s meet in the middle. Where’s the middle, Zeidy ? What a question — the middle is in the center. We’re going to Bnei Brak located … In Eretz Yisrael’s center!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

full beis midrashZeidy, we’re not zooming. What’s going on?

We’re stuck in traffic. This is the main Yerushalayim-to-Tel-Aviv road, and it’s usually very busy.

Tell us about Bnei Brak while we wait, Zeidy.

Yerushalayim is called the Holy City, and Bnei Brak is called the City of Torah. Almost everyone there observes the mitzvahs, and there are yeshivos and kollels on every block. We are going to visit the biggest and most world famous yeshivah there: Ponovezh.

Here we are, kinderlach. Before we go in, how many people do you think are learning here?



I think 800.

Nope, no cookies for anyone this time. Ponovezh has 1,000 talmidim in its yeshivah.

Just kidding about the cookies, we’ll have them after our visit. Let’s go inside. Isn’t the music great?

What music?

The sound of hundreds of people learning — that’s music to my ears and nachas to Hashem.

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