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Letters to My Forever Baby

Miriam Gitlin

Dearest Sweet Baby-to-Be, I am bigger than I ever imagined I could be. Full with life, with love, with you. I am waiting, waiting for you to come. You will come early, I know. “This will be our Succos baby, our Succos boy,” I said. Your tatty laughed. “How do you know? What makes you so sure?” “I just know,” I said. “You’re such a woman,” he said. And I just smiled. Because I know. I just know.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

 I can feel you stretching inside of me, itching to come out. But Tatty’s only building the succah now, getting the walls up straight and tall, building our home-outside-our-home, what will be your first home.

You are getting impatient. I know, because those little bumps and stretches are more painful now, poking and elbowing, sharp little jabs. But it’s okay, baby dear. Mommy’s impatient, too.

I sit at the table, making little blue paper rings for the succah. Powder, baby blue. Your color. I even have little ducky stickers to put on them. I’ll hang this chain myself, wobbling on a folding chair, next to our gold-and-tinsel decorations from last year.

Your tatty comes in and sees me and shakes his head. But he laughs together with me. He’s impatient, too.

We are both so very, very excited to hold you, to greet you, to take you home with us forever. My arms itch to feel your little legs kicking, outside, in this world.

There’s more that we are waiting for. When you arrive, something miraculous will happen. Beyond the miracle of you.

When you arrive, we will be not just two, but three. We will be a family.

I can’t wait to hold you and kiss you.

Your Loving,






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