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The Courage to Stand Apart

Aliza Goldin

One of the most common questions I get on the topic of tzniyus — and one that I admit I used to ask myself over the years, before I started learning more — is, “Is tzniyus really that important?!” I mean, everyone understands that tzniyus is a basic component of a Jews’ avodas Hashem … but is it really as big of a deal as everyone makes it out to be? Could it really be that the fate of the Jewish people relies on the tzniyus of the women?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

paintbrushThe answer is a big, resounding YES!! Let’s start with this. There’s a concept in Judaism that the more vital something is to our spiritual well being, the more the yetzer hara will fight to attack it. If it recognizes that by keeping a specific mitzvah you will have found the key to the rest of your avodas Hashem, the yetzer hara will fight to death to prevent you from doing so. I challenge you to take an informal interview of Jewish girls from all types of backgrounds, from ages 12 to … let’s say 30. And ask any of them, all of them, “On your list of mitzvah struggles, which ones are really up there? Which mitzvah has been at the forefront of your battles for the longest, most consistent period of time? What’s hardest for you to keep happily, unswervingly?” I’d put money down that most, if not all, of the interviewees would have tzniyus in their top three. Coincidence? I think not. The Satan knows just how crucial this mitzvah is, and employs a huge amount of energy into fighting it.


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