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Dr. Mitzvah and the Chinese Shabbos

Yaffa Ganz

One morning, shortly after Shavuos, Mrs. Mitzvah looked around her tidy kitchen and said, “Now that Pesach and matzoh are behind us, and Shavuos blintzes and cheesecakes are gone, what shall we eat? It’s time for something different and new.” “What’s wrong with eating regular and old?” asked Dr. Mitzvah. “It tastes just fine. Why change?”

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

table scene“It gets boring cooking and eating the same things week after week. It’s time for a change. Yesterday I went to visit the new Chinese neighbors on the block. They are the nicest people! Their name is Ming and they have three little girls … Mei, Li, and Ting. Imagine, if they were Jewish their names would probably be Mimi, Leah, and Tanya.”

“What would Ming be? Minkus?” Dr. Mitzvah asked.

“I don’t know,” said Mrs. Mitzvah, “but Mrs. Ming is a wonderful cook. Of course I couldn’t taste any of her food because it’s not kosher, but it looked so interesting and smelled so good. She uses all sorts of spices and herbs I never saw or bought before. We exchanged recipes and I’m going to cook a Chinese Shabbos!  Would you like to help choose the menu?”

“A Chinese Shabbos? Shabbos meals are supposed to be Jewish.”

“They will be! If we eat them, they’re Jewish! I was thinking of Braised Fungus for appetizers.”

“Braised fungus?? That doesn’t sound very appetizing or very Shabbosdig. It doesn’t sound very healthy either,” said Dr. Mitzvah.


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