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Let’s Eavesdrop

By: Rivky

Sometimes, when we let our imaginations take over, inanimate (nonliving) objects come to life and talk too loudly. Presently, parts and pieces of the Churban era are conversing. Let’s listen in and learn a thing or two so we can speedily fix our deeds and be zocheh to build the Beis HaMikdash.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Poison of Ivy

Yerushalayim was a city with a wall around its entire circumference. The purpose of this wall was to protect its inhabitants, the Jews, from enemies like the Babylonians or Romans.

Brick:              Stop crawling on me.

Ivy:                  Why can’t I come here?

Brick:              Look, I’m in place and I’m not disturbing anyone. 

Ivy:                  Buy why do you claim that I’m bothering you?

Brick:              Because if you wanted to join, you should have first asked permission. Maybe we would’ve said yes.

Ivy:                  Oh, but I’ve grown so comfortable over here that I can’t even leave. 

Brick:              I know. Once you’ve spread your leaves all over us, it’s almost impossible for us to send you away. 

Brick:              Getting in someone’s way is really not polite, so for the next time …

Ivy:                  I’ll ask before barging in on you.

Brick:              Thank you for understanding.


Being a good friend means respecting people’s boundaries. For example, you shouldn’t run into someone’s room without knocking, run into a game without asking, or jump into an obviously private conversation without being invited

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