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Rachel Stein

Shimshy Shemesh let out a great yawn as he slowly glided down behind some tall oak trees. Even though I’m setting, I still manage to keep the world warm and bright, he thought proudly, brushing strokes of golds, pinks, and purples across the blue sky. Why, the world wouldn’t be able to survive without me! If I move too close, the earth would burn from my heat. If I move too far, everyone would freeze. But from my perfect place, I help everything grow and keep the temperature just right.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Levana felt her silvery cheeks grow pale as she swallowed this latest insult. It was on the tip of her tongue to throw back a sharp remark. There was a lot she could say to put Shimshy in his place. Like how people wanted to run from Shimshy during the horrid summer heat when he got carried away and burned too strong, or about sunburns that made people moan and groan. But Levana controlled herself and clamped her lips shut. With great effort, she decided to wait and think a moment before she spoke. After all, if she still wanted to speak up after her thinking time was over, she would have her chance. But if she spoke too quickly and then felt bad afterwards, how would she ever take her words back?

There’s a mitzvah to judge someone l’kaf zchus, she told herself, feeling her glow get a little stronger as she listened to her yetzer tov. Shimshy hasn’t always been like this; it just started a few days ago. Maybe something’s bothering him, maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the sky, who knows? But I’m going to give him a little time and see if he doesn’t straighten himself out. And ever so gently, Levana floated high up to her place in the dark night sky, shining her light beams onto the earth below.


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