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Zeidy Zakon: Zeidy picks pomegranates

Rabbi Nachman Zakon

Where are we going today, Zeidy? To a city called Beit Shemesh. Is it far? It’s only a half hour away from Yerushalayim, a quick hop for the jeep. Why are we going there? It’s where I get the most luscious, tasty rimonim, pomegranates, for my Rosh HaShanah meal.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Zeidy, we stopped zooooming.

Oy, we’re stuck in traffic.

I’m bored.

So am I.

I’m not bored. You know why? I’m thinking of the nissim that happened right over there in Beit Shemesh, the city you see on the hill. We’re so lucky to be traveling to a place where great miracles happened. Do any of you kinderlach know what happened there?

Yeshoshua stopped the sun?

Shimshon HaGibor killed a lion?

Close! Very close! All those things happened close by, but not in Beit Shemesh. Here’s the story of Beit Shemesh’s neis. Way, way back, even before David HaMelech was born, the Plishtim attacked the Jews. We lost the war. The worst thing was, the Plishtim destroyed the Mishkan, and they captured our most precious and holiest possession — the Aron that had been in the Mishkan.


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