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Tickle my Funny Bone

C. Rosenberg

Life is a serious business. Which is why we all need a good dose of laughter from time to time. Frum comediennes serve up humor even when they’re not feeling particularly funny, and offer wholesome comedy — but never mockery. How do they manage to pull this off?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ayelet Newman, the Kosher Komic, is a stand-up comedienne who has been performing for audiences across the globe for close to ten years. She has also produced comic audio CDs entitled It’s a Frum Frum Life and Life in Israel.


My favorite joke is…

A baalas teshuvah walks into a restaurant wanting to talk to the mashgiach. What she says instead is, “Who is the Mashiach?”

My jokes don’t really translate well on paper, however. Accents, impersonations, facial expressions, and timing are what make the jokes funny, not just the jokes themselves.


The reason this works so well is because…

my jokes appeal to a wide range of audiences. I address topics of everyday life that Jewish women can relate to, and of course they find the humor in everyday life to be hilarious!


The jokes nobody laughs at are…

nonexistent. Well, to be honest I only have one! When I first tested this joke (in which the punch line was a play on words) on my rebbetzin, she told me not to bother telling the joke. When this bad joke fails to elicit laughs in shows, I tell the audience, “Look how important it is to listen to daas Torah!” I am not here just to be funny, I can also give mussar!


I got involved in comedy when…

I got over my stage fright. People have always thought I was very funny, but I was afraid of getting up onstage. After participating in a self-help course, I got over my fear and began performing in public.BaruchHashem, my first audience was very enthusiastic, and from then on, I had the confidence to appear onstage.

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