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All Aboard!

Ruchama Schnaidman

Welcome to Railroads on Parade! Potterville, New York, is home to Railroads on Parade, a world of five miniature railroad displays with a sixth set to open this summer, where we travel through night and day, the four seasons, different periods of history, and many cities, towns, mountains, and even an island. All aboard!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Miniature people stand outside little homes as tiny cars, buses, and trucks pass them on the roads and stop in front of electronically powered traffic lights. Realistic-looking trees and mountains surround the area, where there are hotels, shops, restaurants, and buildings. Further along, in the countryside, there are mini farms and a little mill. Oh, look! There’s a carnival with a spinning Ferris wheel, and an ice skating rink with skaters flying along; a hot dog stand has a blinking billboard, and watch the lighthouse’s light flash across the sea. Over there is a log cabin, a girl riding a pony, two men involved in a discussion, and everywhere there are trains! Many, many trains, big, small, and even smaller, freight and passenger trains zip along their tracks, stop at crossings, and zoom over bridges, through cities, and around mountain bends. 

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