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Story: A Voice from Beyond

Zelda Goldfield

My grandchildren sit at the Shabbos table, discussing the world of the spirits. Leah bangs the table for emphasis: “If the Torah says not to turn to ovos [spirits] and yidonim [wizards], it means that people really believed they could communicate with the dead!”

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Nechemi shakes his head: “But, Leah, Rashi says these spirit guys were faking it.” “So how come Shaul Hamelech went to the baalas ov to call upShmuelHanavi from the Other World?” “Yeah, but Shaul got told off by Shmuel for having called him up.” “Well, like I said, that just proves that the dead can come back.” Nechemi gives his sister a look. “Come on,Leah. When was the last time a dead man talked to you?” I watch my grandchildren’s discussion, my head swiveling in one direction, then the other. Something inside me is bewildered that they do not know the history of the people they were named for. Finally, I decide to intervene. “On certain occasions, a deceased soul may choose to appear to someone in a dream or vision.” They are not yet convinced. I press home my point: “And that’s fortunate for us here, because had she not appeared, none of you would be sitting at this Shabbos table!” Silence. I take a deep breath, press my palms to the tablecloth, and begin a true story that took place over 70 years ago.

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