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Welcome to Beitar!

Rabbi Nachman Zakon

Rav Shach. Igros Moshe. Baba Sali... Gedolim? Sure. Rebbi cards? Yes. They’re also streets in the Torah city of Beitar.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016



AAll aboard! Everyone into the jeep. Let’s zoom… zoom… zoom away!

Hi, kinderlach. We’re going to the place where the Jews fought their last great battle against the Romans.

Yay, we’re going to Masada!

Nope! The final battle happened way after Masada’s fall, almost 60 years after the Beis Hamikdash was destroyed. Here we are. What does the sign say?



Hey, I remember learning about Beitar. It was where Bar Kochva fought his last battle on Tishah B’Av.

Moshe, you’re absolutely right! Have a cookie.

In front of us is the modern city of Beitar. It’s built on Bar Kochva’s Beitar. Today, it’s a city full of Torah, chesed, and yeshivos. I’ll drive slowly, kinderlach, so you can see the street names we pass.

We just passed Igros Moshe Street.

There’s Rav Shach Street.

Hey, the street names are the names on my rebbi cards!

Zeidy, everyone we’re passing is frum. Is the whole city frum?!

Just about, including the mayor and the entire city council!

Zeidy, can we drive up Daf Yomi Street?

Hey, what about us Sephardim? Don’t we get any street names?

You sure do, Ovadiah. Everyone hang on, I’m making a U-turn.

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