The sun was warm. Sheva turned lazily on the grass. With her eyes closed like this, she could almost pretend they were all in Florida. At least until their free period was over. "

“Where’s Fraida?” she heard Adina ask. 

“Shabbatoning,” Leah replied drowsily, using the term she’d invented to refer to all Fraida’s Shabbaton-related activities. 

Sheva felt Adina stiffen beside her. Strange, Adina always looked so cool and collected when the topic came up, which was basically always. Sheva had given up wondering how Adina could bear it. Adina was tough. She admired her. 

But maybe she wasn’t as tough as she seemed after all. 

Mentally, Sheva tried to reassure Adina. Don’t worry, Adina, she telepathized. I’m working on it. It will all work out in the end. 

“Shabbaton, Shabbaton,” Leah muttered. “Is there life after Shabbaton?” 

“Oh, there they are, I see them.” Gitty giggled. “Adorable. Check it out.” 

Sheva heard Adina chuckle, but she didn’t want to move from the patch of grass where the winter sun beamed down. “Hmm?” 

Beside her, Sari sat up. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” she crowed in an exaggerated whisper. “Guys, look what I see!” 

Sheva sat up. 

Fraida and Mrs. Brandweis were walking up and down the block in front of the school building together, heads bent together and deep in conversation. Sheva wondered where Sima was and what they were discussing so intently. As she watched, Mrs. Brandweis gave Fraida a look, and Fraida laughed shyly. 

Leah sat up too. “Hey, don’t you steal my best friend!” she called quietly. Adina, Sari, Gitty, and Sheva exploded in laughter. 

“Gosh,” said Sari. “Good thing I wasn’t Shabbaton head. Just a couple months in, and look what happens!” She made a derisive gesture. The girls giggled, and Sheva shifted uncomfortably. 

“You’re just jealous,” said Adina. Her tone was mild, but Sheva knew her too well. Adina always, always told the truth. 

The laughter petered out. 

“The truth is,” said Gitty tentatively, “I wouldn’t mind…” She gestured vaguely toward Mrs. Brandweis and Fraida. “I wouldn’t mind having a chance to…” Gitty let the sentence hang. 

“Yeah,” said Leah unexpectedly. “I know what you mean. I think that’s the best perk to being Shabbaton head, you get a relationship with Mrs. Brandweis.”