It was a good thing, Sheva reflected, that no one could see her heart racing. That would be so embarrassing. 

As it was she was feeling pretty self-conscious. She had parked herself at the intersection of the hallways, ostensibly just hanging out during recess, but really keeping an eye out for Mrs. Brandweis. And what would she do if she saw her? Say, “One second guys, I need to talk to Mrs. Brandweis for a minute, I’ll be right back”? No way. 

And even if she did, by some miracle, get a chance to talk to Mrs. Brandweis, what exactly was she going to say? “I have money for Adina Silvermintz’s Shabbaton registration, but I don’t want her to know it’s from me”? Could she honestly expect Mrs. Brandweis not to ask any questions? 

Well, by the looks of things, she didn’t have to worry. It didn’t seem like Mrs. Brandweis was going to show up. Sheva grimaced. No way could she go through another recess like this one. 

“You’re quiet,” Adina commented. “Penny for your thoughts?” 

Sheva gathered her wits. “My thoughts,” she pronounced haughtily, “are worth much more than a penny.” 

Adina grinned. “Good one,” she began, but Sheva missed the end of the sentence because Mrs. Brandweis was coming down the hallway. 

With her heart in her throat, Sheva stepped away from the group. “Mrs. Brandweis?” she asked nervously, her voice sounding high and strange to her own ears. “Um, do you think… Would it be possible… Could I talk to you for a minute?”