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The Lemonade Girls: A Sticky Situation

Sara Miriam Gross

Chavi was away at summer camp. Did anybody miss her yet? What was that strange packet in the sack of camp mail for Chavi?

Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Photo: Shutterstock

“Pick up my mail?” Chavi asked, as she unpacked her things. “We all just got here. I can’t have any mail. My family doesn’t miss me that much yet!” She laughed and returned her gaze to Devorah’s completely serious face. 

“Well, that’s what they told me to tell you. Why don’t we go check it out?” Devorah suggested. 

Chavi shrugged, dropped the towels back in her cardboard box, and began to walk to Camp Ruach’s main house. 

“You’re one popular young lady,” Mrs. Erwin, the owner’s wife said with a wink. She stood up, walked to the back room, and came out holding three enormous mail sacks. “Your mail, my dear.” 

The building that pulsed all summer with oohs and aahs over packages, letters, and faxes had only been swept of spider webs the day before, and — aside from these sacks — there was no other mail in sight. 

Chavi loosened the drawstring of one of the bags and gasped. They didn’t. 

There, having hibernated comfortably the entire winter, was an entire sack filled with oodles of padded envelopes from the same sender: Jilly Jelly Corporation. 

“What am I going to do with all this?” Chavi wondered aloud. 

“It would have been good to think of that before you ordered it,” Devorah pointed out. 

“Ordered it? I only sent away five jelly jar labels to get a few free samples. I wasn’t supposed to receive all this!” Chavi protested. 

“When did you send those labels?” Devorah asked, as she picked up an envelope and shook it. 

“Toward the end of last summer. But it didn’t arrive by the time camp ended so I figured the company never sent it at all. And I forgot about it” 

“Well, looks like their computer likes you,” Devorah said with a laugh. “Mind if I open one?”

Photo: Shutterstock

“Totally,” Chavi replied, as she too began to rip open an envelope. 

“Gooseberry-Pineapple-Loquat Preserves? Ewww. What kind of a nice jam is that?” Devorah said as she wrinkled her nose. “Oh, and a few coupons. Good for 50 cents off your next purchase of Jilly Jelly Gooseberry-Pineapple-Loquat Preserves. And here’s another one, good for 75 cents off a three-pack of Jilly Jelly Peanut Butter. Who buys three peanut butters at a time? An elephant?” 

“The color is so striking,” Chavi mused, as she peeled off the foil top and admired the purplish concoction. 

“Chavi, this is a crisis,” Devorah proclaimed, before ripping open the next padded envelope. “What are you going to do?”

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