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How Family First Changed My Family

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Week after week, we aim to inspire you. Now, you shared the stories of how Family First impacted you, from small expressions to sweeping metamorphoses.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


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Miracle Trigger 

Reader: Esther K. 

Writer: Yael Schuster 

Game-Changing Article: Shaken out of Depression, Issue 445 

Have you ever read some information and put it in the back of your mind, only to have it pop up at another time and place?

Baruch Hashem, our family is holding at a totally different place than we were a few months ago because of a very informative article you published about ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). 

When I read your article back in June, I found it interesting and felt uplifted that there was an alternative treatment for depression. At that time, my husband was depressed but there was still hope that the medicine would work, so I tucked away the thought of ECT. 

After a long, hard winter, my husband’s doctor asked if we ever heard of ECT. I said yes. That was my start of a few weeks of intense research. Thanks to Family First and Relief, I was put in contact with many unbelievable people who went through this therapy themselves or with their spouses. 

On Erev Taanis Esther we gave the yes to the doctor — we’d start after Purim. I was told that on Taanis Esther and Purim one can ask Hashem for a miracle with the intention that if it comes true you will publicize it. 

We had a miracle! I thank Hashem for the rebirth of my husband and for causing Family First to put this important article in their magazine. 

I’m available to speak to anyone who needs chizuk. I’d also to start a support group for wives. I can be contacted through Family First.

How Family First Affects My (Mother’s) Life

Reader: Laiky Goldman 

I know my mother has submitted at least one piece sharing how Family First columns have affected her life. I’d like to share another perspective with you. As an astute teenager, I can always tell which article my mother has cheated and read before Shabbos. 

If, on Wednesday afternoon, the art supplies are out for my younger siblings to enjoy some free exploration and to have an outlet for self-expression, I can be certain that an art therapist has shared the importance of creative projects. 

When my mother starts cooking up a storm of gourmet recipes with unpronounceable names, I know there must be a spectacular Family Table in that week’s issue.

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At times my mother phrases her disapproval for something I have or haven’t done using “I” messages. It is obvious that that week’s cheat read must have been Reflections. 

Before Pesach, my usually go-with-the-flow mother actually sat down to write meticulous lists. When I read Perel Grossman’s hilarious story, I understood where that inspiration had come from. I wonder if my mother will remember where she put her lists by the time next Nissan comes around. 

Every once in a while, my mother becomes obsessed with discussing monetary issues with all of us, from teenagers down to the toddlers. On Shabbos, as I leaf through the Family First, I’m not surprised to discover a new column about educating children on wise spending habits. 

And when my mother is busy on the computer typing mishloach manos ideas, recipes, or what she’s gained from reading Family First, I know there must be a new contest. Well, my mother doesn’t have a monopoly. This time I’m entering the contest too.

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