"Tatty, are these extra rooms for guests?” Benny asked, referring to the many bedrooms on the blueprint. Because of their mother’s mysterious work, overnight guests were rare when they lived in St. Louis. Maybe things would be different in Israel? 

“Hachnassas orchim is a very important mitzvah,” Gedalya agreed. 

“So these rooms are for guests?” 

“That would be nice, wouldn’t it?” 

Listening to her father and Benny, Tzipi sensed that Tatty was deliberately evading her brother’s question. She wondered why. Of what importance were a couple of extra bedrooms? 

Mendel looked over their shoulders. “Where is the industrial kitchen?” he asked his cousin. 

“On the top floor,” Gedalya replied, pulling out a second sheet of paper from under the first. “It will be even bigger than the one I had in St. Louis.” 

“Where will this house be built?” Benny asked. 

Gedalya and Mendel both pointed toward the ceiling. 

“Huh?” Benny didn’t get it. 

“On the roof,” Mendy explained. “Your father purchased the building rights from the people with apartments here and the contractor begins work tomorrow.” 

“Ta, how will you get your supplies up and down without a service elevator?” Tzipi asked. 

“There will be an elevator. It’s in the plan, look here.” Tatty pointed to a rectangle containing a large X. 

Tzipi ran her fingertip across the architect’s plans. “I don’t see a vault room for Mommy.” 

“Here, upstairs.” Gedalya indicated an area marked by a large rectangle within another rectangle. 

Benny gazed at the complicated plans, lines, and numbers drawn on the blueprint. “How long will it take to build all this?” 

“The contractor estimates it will take a few months. B’ezras Hashem, we’ll move in before winter,” their father replied, rolling up the plans and carefully placing them in a long cardboard tube. 

Rivka joined them at the table. “I hope it’s over quickly,” she sighed. “Construction makes so much noise and dust.” 

Tzipi was excited. “Tatty, can I help choose the furniture and the appliances?” 

“I wouldn’t think of doing it without you.” Gedalya grinned at his daughter. 

“What about Mommy?” Benny asked petulantly. 

“Mommy and Tzipi will choose everything together, b’ezras Hashem,” Tatty responded. “Benny, let’s go. It’s time for Maariv. Tomorrow, in the daylight, I’ll take you both up on the roof and show you how all this fits together.”