hen I call Avi for our second phone conversation, I say hi and then start with an all-important question: “So what did you think of the first episode?” (And, yes, because he’s Avi, he got to see the whole episode laid out with graphics a week before it went into the magazine, lucky him!)

“I think it’s really cool,” Avi says. “I really like it.”

Well, that was good to hear, because we’re moving right along, ready to share more of Avi and his story with you, our dear readers.

“So, Avi,” I say. “Your next episode is scheduled for the back-to-school issue. I’m sure, as a 14-year-old boy, you have a lot to say about that.”

Avi pauses for a minute.

“Actually,” he says, “I have a lot of things to tell kids about school, and I started writing some of my thoughts down.”

“Wow!” I say. “What a treat!”

He begins reading them to me and I just want to hear more. I’m sure you will too, so I ask Avi if he could write this episode and he agrees. Without further ado, I present Avi, in his very own words:


Hey, Jr. Readers!

This issue is about back to school! Most kids dread going back to school, but school is really a great place. Getting an education is really important, but I think that the best part about school is being able to be with your friends.

Now just imagine what life would be without that…

The way cancer is usually treated is with chemotherapy. Chemo works by knocking out a person’s immunity. What does that mean? I’ll explain.

When an average person catches a cold, they take medicine and they get better in a short time. The reason that amazing thing happens is that the person has a healthy immune system that fights the illness. When a cancer patient gets a cold, it can be really dangerous. They can catch a sickness much more easily than the average person. That’s why I wasn’t able to go to school. I couldn’t be around a lot of people because of germs. If I had gone to school, I could’ve gotten sick. 

Originally, when I was first diagnosed, the doctor said I wouldn’t be able to go to school for a year. But because of all the complications I had, I didn’t end up going back to school for over a year and a half. I’m sure most kids reading this would claim they hate school, but trust me, really you like it.

At least some parts of it.

Trust me, if you couldn’t go to school, you would really miss it. Maybe every once in a while, you’ll feel like you need a break, which is totally understandable, but next time you say that you don’t like school, just remember that there are plenty of kids out there who would do anything to be in school.