As soon as davening was over, the intercom system crackled to life, having been mostly repaired the previous week. Sima’s voice filled the classroom. Sheva could hear it echoing slightly from the classrooms nearby. 

“Attention all classes! Attention all classes! ARE YOU READY?!” 

Sheva tensed. No, she wasn’t ready. She wasn’t at all ready. She just couldn’t decide what to do. 

“Just four more weeks until Shabbaton! FOUR — MORE — WEEKS!” The girls cheered; the roar echoed throughout the school. 

She had everything in her bag. She had put it all in there this morning, not because she had made a decision, but to buy more time. 

“Today is the last day to give in your Shabbaton registration forms! Do not forget to give them in! Anyone whose form is not received today will not have a spot on Shabbaton. You can give your forms to your class representative or drop them off at the office. Remember, today is the absolute last day to give in your forms!” 

Her time was up. And she was frozen with indecision. Sheva closed her eyes, trying to think. 

She thought of that first time she had reached out to Adina? How she had waited after class, and Adina had been so cold. But then the janitor had frightened them, turned them into coconspirators, and the ice had been broken…. 

The memory hurt. 

Morning classes bled into recess, recess gave way to more classes. Sheva saw it all through a haze; she was there, but she was somewhere else. 

Remember the time she had gotten detention for ordering pizza, and Adina had waited for her for an entire hour after school? That had been the first time Adina had shown Sheva she cared. 

She missed Adina so much…. 

Teachers came, stood in front of the room, talked, were replaced by other teachers. Sheva heard none of it. 

Remember when they had been studying together, and Sheva had dared to ask Adina why she hadn’t signed up for any committee? That had been the first time she had dared test their relationship. Adina hadn’t answered her, but she hadn’t shut her out either…. 

The longing was overpowering. 

And Sheva had figured it out. Eventually she had learned to understand Adina, and she had even managed to integrate her old friendships…. 

The roller coaster was bewildering. 

And she had sacrificed so much. She had given up her time, and her friends’ trust, all to find a way to help Adina without her even knowing. And then Adina had abandoned her, without giving her a chance, and destroyed all her other friendships as well! 

The anger burned.