ari burst through the classroom doors, ponytail bouncing wildly. “Guys — the lists are up!

There was a stampede. In a flash, the class was empty.

“Uh… what list?” Adina asked Fraida, the only one left standing near her.

Fraida smirked. “The Shabbaton lists. Room assignments. I just put it up on my way in here.” She grinned, clearly enjoying the view from her position as head. “That was amazing to watch. I’ll have to thank Sari.” She turned to Adina and winked. “No need to join the scramble. I took care of you.”

What did that mean?

Fraida was smiling expectantly so Adina said, “Um, thanks.”

Fraida winked. “If you had been head you would probably have made sure to put your own preferences last, no? Guess you’re lucky we’re not all as altruistic as you are.” She laughed at her own joke. “But seriously, I think everyone’s going to be happy.” She walked toward the classroom door, dragging Adina with her. “Let’s go watch the fun!”

Adina pulled back. “No, I—”

Then she stopped. If Fraida left there would be only two girls left in the classroom, the only two girls who felt they had no reason to make that mad dash to the Wall to see if they were assigned to a room with their friends.

Sheva and Adina.

I think everyone’s going to be happy.


It was the lesser of the two evils. Adina followed Fraida out.

The crush around the Wall made it hard to breathe as four grades of students crammed into a tiny space, trying to get a glimpse of the lists that had just been posted. Fraida stood on the side, beaming, while Adina made a pretense of trying to get close to the Wall.

“Adina!” Buffeted as she was by shrieking girls, it was hard for Adina to locate the voice.

“Adina!” It was Sari, squeezing out of the crowd, gesturing wildly. “Come! I found your name — you’re with me! I’ll tell you who we’re with!”

I found your name?

Adina dragged herself over to where Sari and Fraida were standing. “I couldn’t tell you,” Fraida was saying apologetically. “You know I just couldn’t.”

“No problem!” Sari grabbed Adina by the arm. “We have a great room!” She counted them off on her fingers. “You, me, Fraida, Leah, Gitty, Chevy, and Dini.”

Adina blinked. “Wow,” she managed.

“Yeah!” Sari was thrilled. “Shabbaton is going to be awesome. Gitty! Hey, Gitty!” She waved Gitty over. “Come here, I’ll tell you!”

Adina melted away.

This made no sense. How could she be on the list?

The crowd was thinning now. Adina squeezed herself forward. There it was, black on white, her own name: Silvermintz, Adina, room 17.

Adina chewed her lip. How in the world did her name get on this list?

And what was she supposed to do about it?