"Sneak peek, guys.” Fraida dropped a paper on Sari’s desk. “Shabbaton schedule. First draft.” She laughed as the girls dove for the page. “Hey, don’t kill each other, it might still change!” 

“What’s this?” Gitty was pointing to an item listed for Friday night. Fraida squinted. “Oh, the kumzitz. We moved it to Friday night in the end. I know it’s traditional to have it Motzaei Shabbos, but we’re having the Menucha concert—” she acknowledged the applause with a wave of her hand, like a visiting dignitary—” and we didn’t want to cancel the kumzitz altogether.” 

“It’s the highlight of Shabbaton,” Sari asserted. 

“All the 12th graders cry,” Leah said knowingly. 

Adina rolled her eyes. 

“Yeah, anyway, so we figured Friday night would be a good time for it. There’s usually a speech then, but we put a storyteller in instead.” Fraida pointed to the schedule again. “Figured it would be a good lead-in. How awesome?” 

Sari stood up and shook Fraida’s hand. “Awesome,” she said solemnly. “Very, very awesome.” 

Gitty put down the paper and sighed dreamily. “You know my favorite part of Shabbaton?” 

“The food,” Sari guessed promptly. 

“Stop it!” 

“The concert, of course?” asked Fraida. 

“I know, I know!” Leah jumped up. “Taking pictures before Shabbos!” 

The girls cracked up. 

“Yeah, I need to start thinking about what to wear,” Gitty fretted. 

Sari rolled her eyes. “What do you mean, start? You’ve been thinking about it for months!” 

“Right, like you’re not thinking about it?” 

“Nope,” Sari smirked. “I’ve figured it all out already!” 

Fraida dissolved in laughter. 

“Seriously,” Gitty continued. “My favorite part of Shabbaton is that twilight zone after the kumzitz on Motzaei Shabbos—” 

“—make that Friday night—” 

“—when everyone sits around sharing their deepest secrets.” 

Fraida grabbed the schedule back from Leah and conjured up a pen. “Wait, let me write this down,” she said seriously. “Friday night: storyteller, kumzitz, DMCs. Gitty, should I put you down for the first slot, or what?” The girls roared with laughter and Fraida extended the joke. “Leah, I already know all your secrets. Adina, should I put you down for two a.m.?” 

Adina forced a chuckle. “I don’t have any secrets,” she said. The silence lasted just one beat, but it was one beat too long. 

“Well, just a little over a week until Shabbaton,” Gitty said quickly. “I can’t wait!” 

“Me neither,” Sari concurred. 

“I can’t wait until it’s all over,” Fraida mock-grumbled. 

Leah half-glanced at Adina. “Yeah,” she muttered. “Me too.”