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Learning Curve: Chapter 26

Gila Arnold

Aviva, Zevi, and Suri meet with the business coach to review the survey results. They discuss hiring a new OT for the clinic

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Zevi, on his way out to Maariv, stopped at the door and turned at Aviva’s voice. She hurried over to him. “Just want to check that you’re coming right home after davening. I’m expecting—” “Oh, are you? I couldn’t tell at all.”

She winked as she placed a hand on her rounded stomach. “I’m expecting someone to come over for an interview, and I’d appreciate if you could be here to keep the kids quiet.”

He twirled his hat around in his hand. “You know I don’t like this idea. I still think you’re making a mistake.”

She didn’t need to hear yet another mussar shmuess about her decision to keep this hiring process a secret from Yael. To Aviva, it was an obvious decision — imagine how awkward it would be, interviewing new occupational therapists in the office, right under Yael’s nose! And then, of course, out of common courtesy she would have to be made a part of this process, which was the last thing Aviva wanted. No, she had already made one mistake in not checking out Yael’s professional credentials well enough; she was determined to do things right this time.

Zevi glanced at his watch. He needed to go. And she needed to show him that she valued his opinion. “I hear that,” she said, pasting a smile on her face. “But I still think I need to try it my way.”

Suri dumped the laundry basket on her bed, as she contemplated the events of the past week. Aviva, with her usual headstrong determination, seemed well on the way to making a new hire. And what would that mean for Yael?

“Why the frown?”

Suri looked up as Shaul entered the bedroom. “I’m still thinking about this Yael thing.” “Whether you’re doing the right thing, keeping this a secret from her?”

Suri’s eyes widened. “I meant, worrying about how she’s going to react eventually. But… yeah, that, too. It doesn’t seem right, hiring a new therapist behind her back.”

“That’s because it’s not right,” her husband said calmly. “And it’s not even good business sense. Eventually, Yael’s going to need to work with this therapist a lot more than either of you. Wouldn’t it be so much more productive to have her choose someone she gets along with?”

She looked at him. How did he manage to see things so clearly when to her it was all muddled? “But Aviva said—”

He waved his hand dismissively. “She has her reasons. What do you think?”

Suri considered the question as she neatly folded a towel. If she were in Yael’s place, would she rather enjoy blissful ignorance as long as she could?

She sighed. “Okay, yes, I would want to be told. But what can I do? This is Aviva’s decision.” “Why? Aren’t you an equal partner here?”

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