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I Have a Little Dreidel

Bracha Rosman

“Maybe he’ll think I’m upset he gave me an ordinary dreidel. You know, like I’m only happy he comes because of the presents he brings”

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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"A dreidel,”

Chaim stuffed the dreidel in his pocket then ran out the front door straight to his neighbor Mendy’s house.

“So what did your uncle buy you?” Mendy asked.

Chaim showed him.

“A dreidel?” Mendy said. “Last time, he bought you a drone, and the time before that an electric scooter.”

Chaim shoved it back into his pocket.

“You must be upset,” Mendy said.

“A little … okay, a lot.”

“Wait a minute!” Mendy said. “Let me see that dreidel again.” He inspected every inch.

“What are you looking for?” Chaim asked.

“Your uncle always gives you the most amazing presents. I bet this dreidel does something special.”

“Hey, maybe you’re right. Why would Uncle Shaya give me an ordinary dreidel? There has to be something special about it.”

“Let’s go ask him what it does.”

Chaim hesitated. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” “Why not?”

“Maybe he’ll think I’m upset he gave me an ordinary dreidel. You know, like, I’m only happy he comes because of the presents he brings.”

Mendy nodded. Then he snapped his fingers. “I know! We’ll tell him you can’t wait to use it in the school’s dreidel game next week. If this dreidel does do something special, I’m sure your uncle will tell you about it.”

“Mendy, you’re a genius!”

“Hi, boys,” Chaim’s mother said as they rushed through Chaim’s front door, “Mendy, are you staying for dinner?”

“Sure, thanks.”

“Where’s Uncle Shaya?” Chaim asked.


They would have to speak to him later.


“So, boys,” Chaim’s father said as he scooped mashed potatoes onto his fork. “How’s school?” “Good,” Chaim said. “Rebbi’s organizing a dreidel game for the whole school next week.” He looked at his uncle. “He said we should each bring our own dreidel.” Uncle Shaya smiled.

Chaim cleared his throat. “I think I’ll use the one you gave me.” “Great.” Uncle Shaya took a bite of schnitzel.

“And guess what?” Chaim said. “The winner earns a free pizza lunch for his whole class.” Uncle Shaya nodded.

“It sure would be nice if I had some sort of magical dreidel so we could win that pizza lunch.” “A magical dreidel would be nice,” Uncle Shaya laughed. He winked at Chaim then went back to cutting his schnitzel.

“So it is a special dreidel!” Mendy said later.

“Just because my uncle winked doesn’t mean it is.”

“Your uncle didn’t just wink. First he said ‘a magical dreidel would be nice,’ then he winked. That means for sure the dreidel has a secret!”

Chaim pulled the dreidel from his pocket. “I have a better idea. Let’s try it out.” He spun the dreidel, and they held their breaths. “Gimmel!” they shouted together. “Okay,” Chaim said, “you try.”

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