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Esther Michelson

Chimes sounded as Simi hesitantly opened the door to the world of Trendsetters. She was immediately accosted by flashy, neon colors splattered across the walls. Oddly enough, as a backdrop to all this sensory overload, soft classical music enveloped her in its relaxing tunes. Well, thought Simi, all I’m here for is a straightforward cut

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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"S o totally sorry to interrupt, Sara,” Simi blurted, mid-conversation, “but if I forget to ask you again, I’m in for it. My hair is a total mess, stringy, split ends — the works. I have a date tomorrow night and I need a haircut, desperado! Where can I get a haircut on such short notice? Who do you recommend?”

“Elana is good. I use her a lot. But I think you need to make an appointment at least a week in advance if you want to get in with her. Then there’s Sarit. Did you ever try her?” “Sarit? That’s the place at Ritz Point, right? There’s no way I can pay such prices. All I want is a simple cut — $10, $15, tops.”

“I don’t know what kind of haircut you’ll get for that kind of money, but there’s this place I passed on Fourth Avenue that was having a grand opening. Why don’t you go in and see what they’re about? I bet they’ll give you a good introductory price. I can’t vouch for their work because they’re new and I haven’t tried them, but, hey, not much to lose aside from a bit of hair!” Sara chuckled. “Oh, okay. Good idea. I have to go meet a friend in that area later today anyway. I think I’ll stop by the salon on the way. Do you by any chance remember the name of the place?”

“Minor detail. I’m trying to remember. I think they called themselves Trendsetters. Or maybe Amanda’s? I vaguely recall seeing that name somewhere in the window or on the awning. I can’t remember. But don’t worry, you can’t miss it. It’s got a funky blue, green, and red awning, and there’s a huge Grand Opening sign with those little flags strung from the salon across the street.” “Okay, great! Thanks a bunch!”

“Not a prob. Hatzlachah rabbah! Let me know how it goes.”

“Kay, thanks! Gotta run.”

The next few hours found Simi busying herself with odds and ends around the house and sorting through her wardrobe to make sure she had something presentable — and clean! — to wear on her date the following evening. She didn’t, which called for a load of laundry.

Simi sat down to relax with a book while the machine spun and wrung her clothes. The minutes ticked by as a beautiful story unfolded, transporting her to a time and place she thought quite blissful.

Just as the hero was entering the scene to save all, her eye caught sight of the clock. Its hands had moved. Fast. Too fast. Simi flung the book on the couch, transferred her laundry to the dryer, and flew out the door, cell phone in hand, punching in the number she knew, oh so well, to reassure Chaya that she was on her way. There was no way she could disappoint Chaya by being late — again — and she still had to stop by the haircutting place first.

Chimes sounded as Simi hesitantly opened the door to the world of Trendsetters. She was immediately accosted by flashy, neon colors splattered across the walls, and paintings of modern art she couldn’t make heads or tails of. Yet, oddly enough, as a backdrop to all this sensory overload, soft classical music enveloped her in its relaxing tunes. Trendsetters, indeed, thought Simi wryly. At least all I’m here for is a straightforward cut.

A young woman with long, blond, curly hair and perfectly shaped eyebrows strode across the room and approached Simi with a welcoming smile. “I am Amanda,” she said. She took a cursory glance at Simi and asked, “What you here for? I make you perfect eyebrows. And we have special if you want manicure too.”

“Thanks, but that’s okay. I’m here for a haircut, nothing more. All I need is a straight cut. Nothing fancy.”

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