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Hide & Seek: Chapter 4

Bracha Rosman

Idy returns to the attic while Mr. Renard conducts his business. Jacob is nowhere to be found

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

I dy scurried to the small window at the far end of the attic and carefully peeked out. The huge wooden gate surrounding the Renards’ property was ajar. Idy felt a thrill. She had never seen it open, and often wondered what lay beyond the locked fortress. She strained her eyes to see outside the gate, but could see only trees through the small opening. An automobile and two unfamiliar men caught her attention. Worried about being noticed, Idy lifted her head ever so slightly to get a better view below. The men were speaking animatedly, and Idy wished she could hear what they were saying.

Mr. Renard stood nearby, contentedly nodding his head. Then a large sum of money was thrust at Mr. Renard. Idy cringed at the sinister smile on Mr. Renard’s face. The two men climbed into their car, Mr. Renard pushed the wooden gate open to allow them passage, then slammed it shut and locked the enormous deadbolt once again. Idy watched icicles break off the gate from the force.

A sudden movement above, in a nearby tree, caused Idy to stifle a scream. Her mouth opened and she quickly clamped her hand over her lips.

Jacob winked and smiled at her from his perch near the top of the tree. Idy’s breathing intensified. Mr. Renard was now directly below the tree. He stopped a moment and glared in the direction of the attic window. Idy shot back, her heart pounding. She sat huddled in the corner waiting for the loud angry footsteps she knew would come. Worse than that, she was clueless as to what was going on outside. Had Mr. Renard spotted Jacob?

The footsteps sounded, but they were light and quick. Jacob’s head popped through the opening.

“Hi, Idy!”

Idy sprang to her feet. “Jacob!”


“Jacob!” she whispered sharply while pulling him up into the attic. “Do you know how dangerous that was?”

Jacob crossed his arms defiantly. “Yes, I do.”

“So why’d you do it?” Idy asked.

“I had to see what’s on the other side of the gate.”

“Why? What will knowing that accomplish?”

Jacob didn’t respond. He walked over to his mattress and pulled back his tattered blanket.

Idy gasped at the four eggs that lay beneath.

“Oh, Jacob, you shouldn’t have.”

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