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Learning Curve: Chapter 29

Gila Arnold

Yael gasped. Her heart was thudding so loudly that she didn’t hear the footsteps until Suri’s next client walked up right behind her

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Y ael never knew what she replied, but somehow, she made some response to Naomi’s introduction and then speedily backed out of the room. She raced into her own therapy room, locked the door, and sank into a chair, putting her head down on the table.

What did this mean? What did this mean?

Her head was pounding. A new OT? But why? Thoughts swirled in her head until she felt dizzy. She lifted her head, and squared her shoulders, trying to force herself to stay logical. Okay, they’re allowed to hire a second OT in the clinic. After all, they have two speech therapists. No one ever said that it would only be me forever.

But why didn’t they tell me?

She stood up, began pacing. Maybe they thought she’d take it the wrong way? Gimme a break. And this I wouldn’t take the wrong way? She shook her head. A mistake. An oversight. That was all.

She took a breath.


Yael picked up the file of her first client. He was coming in ten minutes. Focus. Plan out your session. Remember, you said starting today, you would try your hardest, give it your all—

Tears suddenly pricked Yael’s eyes. She slammed the folder down on the table. She needed to speak with Suri.

Yael walked down the hall, pausing by Suri’s therapy room. The curtain was drawn over the window, and she put an ear to the door to hear if Suri was with a client.

“Aviva, it’s not right! She’ll be devastated when she finds out!”

Yael’s eyes opened wide, and she pressed her ear harder to the door.

“I thought you were going to tell her over the weekend.”

“I tried, but I couldn’t reach her. And then I thought I’d head her off this morning, but she still hasn’t come to work.”

Aviva snorted. “How responsible.”

Outside, Yael’s eyes narrowed as she heard Suri murmur, “She must’ve had a reason.”

“Anyway,” Aviva continued, “I’m sure she’ll understand that we felt it was time to expand.”

“But you and I both know — and she probably does, too — that we don’t have the caseload to support two OTs.”

Yael gasped. Her heart was thudding so loudly that she didn’t hear the footsteps until Suri’s next client walked up right behind her. Blushing at how she must look, eavesdropping like a little kid, she jumped back from the door, retreating just as the kid knocked and walked inside.

Blood pounding in her head, Yael walked into her own room, grabbed her purse, and walked rapidly out of the clinic.

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