Mishpacha was founded in 1984 on a dream. Aiming to facilitate the exchange of ideas and values between the varying streams within the Orthodox Jewish world, among them the Hassidic, Yeshivish, Sephardic, and Modern Orthodox communities, publisher Eli Paley and editor Rabbi Moshe Grylak launched a phenomenon that would change the communication, journalism, and entertainment habits of a nation: Mishpacha magazine. With no other weekly or monthly magazines geared towards Orthodox Jewish readership at that time, Mishpacha immediately gained popularity, prompting numerous imitation journals – in effect launching the Jewish Orthodox magazine industry.

Beginning with the flagship Hebrew weekly, Mishpacha’s journalism and design standards quickly set the status quo. The brand’s first English edition, published in 2004 due to popular request, took the Jewish communities of North America, Europe, South Africa and Australia by storm with world-class journalism, fiction, and op-eds that set the agenda from Shabbos tables to board rooms. Everyone wanted to be a part of the conversation. Mishpacha’s reach further expanded in 2006 with Family First, a full-color weekly magazine connecting tens of thousands of Jewish women and girls around the world.

Today some 250,000+ readers on every continent across the globe make Mishpacha magazines a part of their lives. The conversation continues.


Mishpacha’s weekly flagship magazine delivers timely analysis of world events, powerful profiles, and entertaining journeys through the wide spectrum of contemporary Jewish experience. Compelling features, columns, and stories serve as a catalyst for conversation, discussion, and debate both around the table and around the globe. 


Family First gives Jewish women a meaningful voice. Features,Torah columns, stories, and serials speak to all aspects of Jewish women’s lives as wives and mothers, but also as individuals, professionals, and members of the greater community.


Family Table is a celebration of the pleasures of cooking and entertainment, highlighting diverse culinary themes with hit recipes, mouthwatering food and venue photography, and bestfriend- in-the-kitchen style.


Jr. provides boys and girls with stories and characters they love to follow week after week, history and science features that encourage them to explore their world, confidence-building games and projects, and Torah messages that will stay with long after they outgrow the magazine.


Kolmus, a scholarly journal of Jewish thought, brings together some of the premier thinkers in the Jewish world today. Ranging from the esoteric to the scientific, Kolmus gives voice to contemporary Torah scholarship on a wide range of topics.


The richness of a moment can pass us by until framed by the lens of literature. Calligraphy, a biannual collection curated from today’s best Jewish writers, invites readers to get lost in a story and see the world through new eyes.


Teens want to be heard! TeenPages, a collection of features, stories, and serials, brings their experiences to life, including writing by teenagers themselves. Speaking to the special interests and perspectives of this unique stage of life, mom and dad approve while teens are entertained and inspired.