R affi Rabinowitz and his younger brother Shimmy were playing in their front garden on Sunny Lane, when a delivery van turned into Sunny Lane. They watched as the driver slowed to a crawl, apparently looking for a parking space. Eventually, he found one across the road, behind Mr. Friedman’s minivan.

Fishel and Faivish, who were idly looking out of their bedroom window, also spotted the van, and wondered who he was there for. They watched as the driver jumped out, went around to the back of the van, and emerged a moment later carrying a chocolate gift arrangement.

Fishel and Faivish gasped in awe. This was not just any chocolate arrangement. This was the most magnificent arrangement they had ever seen in their lives.

“Wow!” breathed Fishel.

“Double wow!” gasped Faivish.

“Triple wow,” returned Fishel.

“Quadruple wow,” rejoined Faivish.

Fishel paused for a moment, not wanting to let on that he had no idea what followed after “quadruple.”

“Quadzillion wow!” he exclaimed triumphantly. Hah! Let Faivish try and top that!

“There’s no such number as quadzillion,” Faivish challenged him, “so that means my number won, ha, ha!”

Fishel was about to make a spirited comeback, but was distracted by the goings-on outside.

“Hey, look! He’s taking the chocolates up the road!”

Indeed, the deliveryman had turned right and was making his way up the street. He passed Mr. Krankowitz’s house, where the old man paused from checking his prize rosebushes to stare at the lavish package.

“Humph!” he grumbled disapprovingly. But before he could say anything else, he caught sight of some movement from the corner of his eye. It was the orange cat from around the corner, trying to slink into his garden. Mr. Krankowitz couldn’t stand the creature.

“Begone!” ordered Mr. Krankowitz, determined to keep the cat well away from his precious rose bushes. The cat streaked across the road. There was a screech of brakes as a car swerved suddenly to avoid it. The cat yowled in fright.

The car driver stopped, and out jumped a shaken Eli-the-animal-trainer, hoping he hadn’t hurt the creature. As he observed it scurrying away, he noted with relief that it looked none the worse for wear.

Meanwhile Gimpel the goat, traveling in the back of Eli’s specially adapted car, saw his opportunity to escape. Managing to slip off his restraint, he sneaked out of the car. Remembering that Jolly Solly’s house was up the road, he bounded forward as fast as he could, eager to see his dear friend the clown again.

Unfortunately, the deliveryman was heading for exactly the same destination.

Thwack! Gimpel ran straight into the deliveryman.

The poor fellow was almost knocked off his feet. The chocolate arrangement went flying. Chocolates flew all over the place.