Why Advertise in Mishpacha?

? Mishpacha is the #1 Orthodox Jewish weekly magazine.
? Mishpacha is a brand that readers trust.
? Mishpacha reflects the religious and moral values of our readers.
? Mishpacha caters to a niche audience, 75 percent of whom do not own a television or have access to the Internet. This audience relies on Mishpacha for its news, information, and entertainment.
? Marketing dollars spent on magazines have more inherent value because magazine readers are more focused than newspaper readers.
? Magazines have a long “shelf life” (an average of 29 days) and often get passed along to family and friends.
? Mishpacha readers are committed kosher consumers who spend about $1,000 more on food annually than average buyers.
? As newspaper circulation in the United States declines, Mishpacha’s newsstand sales and subscriptions have continued to increase significantly.
? Mishpacha’s glossy, high-quality, full-color ads never fail to capture readers attention.

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