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Zooming Around with Zeidy Zakon

Rabbi Nachman and Miriam Zakon

It’s finally the chodesh of Adar Beis, and we’ve got Purim on our minds. For the real Purim experience, Eretz Yisrael is the place to be!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Shushan Purim in Yerushalayim

I love to see all the kinderlach dressed up in costumes, carrying yummy mishloach manos packages. And I can’t wait to go and hear the megillah read on Sunday night and have a fantastic seudas Purim on Monday.

Oh Zeidy, excuse me, but don’t you mean Motzaei Shabbos? Purim this year begins on Motzaei Shabbos, and we enjoy seudas Purim on Sunday.

No, no. On Sunday, while most of you are having a great Purim, I will be having a quiet afternoon at home, resting for my Purim, which I will celebrate on Monday.

But Zeidy ...

Wait, let me explain. Here in Yerushalayim we don’t celebrate on Purim.


Don’t worry. We celebrate Shushan Purim, which is the day after Purim. That is the day that the very first Purim was celebrated in Shushan itself — one day after the rest of the Jews in Achashveirosh’s kingdom celebrated their victory.

The city of Shushan at that time was surrounded by a wall. Our chachamim said that all cities with an ancient wall around it should celebrate on Shushan Purim to remember the extra day the Jews in Shushan were given to destroy their enemies.

The Old City of Yerushalayim is surrounded by gorgeous, ancient stone walls so we “Yerushalmis” celebrate Purim a day after everyone else!

Shushan Purim here is really special. Everyone is happy, the streets are full of people delivering mishloach manos. The buses are full of Queen Esthers, clowns, and sometimes a gorilla or two, and vans of yeshivah boys dressed up in gorgeous costumes drive around, playing music.

So remember, if you want to wish me Happy Purim, make sure you visit me on Monday!


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