I dy slipped the dress over her head and fastened the zipper. She marveled at the soft fabric with its pretty design. Twirling around, she laughed with delight.

“How do you like it, Lulu?”

Lulu was hungrily eating an apple, but nodded her head.

“Me too!” Idy said. “I feel like… a princess.” She instantly thought of Mrs. Renard. “If she could only see me now.” Idy fingered her old clothes. “Let me find a place to store my old things,” she said opening the door to the next room, “and then I’ll help myself to an apple, too. I haven’t had one in the longest ti—” Idy stopped dead in her tracks.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said to the pretty blonde girl across the room. “I didn’t realize anyone was here.”

The girl simply stared at her and remained silent.

Idy pushed a loose hair behind her ear, and the lovely teenager did the same. Idy looked closely at her, and her hand flew to heart, so did the girl’s.

“Oh, my goodness!”

Lulu came running into the room, apple in hand at Idy’s outburst. Idy saw her, nibbled apple and all, besides the girl standing across the room.

Her breath became shallow. “Lulu… it’s me. It’s a mirror.”

She looked once more to be certain, then rushed to the mirror and placed her palms against it. Idy’s blue eyes scanned her face, feature by feature. She hadn’t seen herself in years. She touched her nose and cheeks and lips, with trembling fingers, while tears clung to her lashes.

“Is everything all right?” Mrs. Sommers asked, coming into the room behind her.

Idy caught the woman’s eyes in the mirror. “Yes. Thank you. I-I was just so pleased with the way the dress fit.”

“Turn around and let me see.” Idy faced the kind woman. “You look absolutely beautiful, Idy. The dress suits you very well. I’m glad it fits. I’m sure I have shoes for you as well, but first eat dinner.”

The girls followed her to the kitchen where a pail covered with a dish towel was set on the table. Mrs. Sommers pulled off the cloth and took out one delicacy after another.

Idy’s mouth watered as the table gradually filled with bread and jam, and eggs and vegetables, and… cake, of all things.

“Look, Lulu!” Idy said pointing to the bottle in Mrs. Sommers’s hands. “Milk!”

Lulu clapped her chubby hands, and Mrs. Sommers laughed. “I see someone likes milk.”

“I’m going to have to ask you a favor, Idy,” Mrs. Sommers said.

Idy leaned forward. “Of course, anything.”

The woman laughed effortlessly. “I’ve eaten already, so please, it’s up to you and Lulu to eat everything on the table.”

Idy’s eyes sparkled. “Oh, we’ll do our best.”

Mrs. Sommers placed two glasses on the table and filled them with milk. “I’ll leave you two to eat. I have a lesson plan to prepare for tomorrow’s class.”

Idy could hardly contain herself. Her fingers shook with anticipation as she spread thick jam on the soft slices of bread.

Idy washed her hands and made a brachah, then sat down to eat. Bite after savory bite, she and Lulu finished everything set out before them. Idy leaned back in her chair. “Everything was so good. I can’t believe it, but I’m actually full.” (Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 669)