"O kay, everyone, you have half an hour to begin packing, and then we’ll be going on to the next activity,” Avigail announced. “Tehila, Shoshana, did you hear what I just said? Toby, let me help you with that suitcase.”

Shoshana looked up. “But Avigail, how do you expect me to pack in only half an hour?”

Avigail smiled. “We’re only starting now, you’ll have more time later. I think half an hour is enough time to get your suitcase and make sure you know where all your things are. If your clothing isn’t folded, you might be able to get that done also.”

“Fold my clothing?” Tehila laughed. “Why would I do that when it’s so much faster to just throw everything into the suitcase and squeeze it shut?”

“To each her own,” mumbled Toby.

“Well, I’m going to leave you to your packing for another 25 minutes. Remember not to pack anything that you still need to use or wear!”

Avigail slipped into the counselor section of the bunkhouse to begin her own packing. Through the thin partition, Avigail listened to the friendly argument about which packing method was best.

“The quickest way is the best,” Tehila announced as she began dumping things into her suitcase.

“Your clothing is going to get wrinkled,” Shoshana pointed out. “And I don’t think you’re going to have room in that suitcase.”

“I’ll worry about wrinkles when they happen,” Tehila replied calmly. “Space shouldn’t be a problem, because I packed like this on the way to camp also, and I got my suitcase to close!”

Toby got very serious. “It’s so sad!”

“What is?”

“The end of camp. I look forward to this all year, and then I hardly have a chance to settle in before it’s over. I hate the end of the summer.”

“It is disappointing to wait so long and then it’s over so quickly,” Shoshana agreed, “but I like to think of it as a happy time, because we’ve got so many good memories.”

Toby shrugged. “Remembering is not as good as being here. It doesn’t work for me.”

“To each her own, Toby, like you said before.”

At that moment, Avigail returned. “It’s time to go! We’re heading to the bleachers to meet the rest of our division.”

Shoshana smiled and walked toward the door. “I like activities with all the other bunks.”

“Even if it’s the last one?” Toby asked.

“Even so. But it’s not the last. Even if we spend the whole afternoon packing, there’s still night activity, with the last-night-of-camp campfire.”

As the girls found seats on the bleachers, Naomi, the head counselor, explained the activity. “I have a big bag of lollipops in all different colors.” She held up the package. “We’ll pass it around, and you can each take one. After everyone picks, I will show you this poster. It lists all the lollipop colors, and each one points to a topic. You have to come up with something to tell that matches the topic your color points to.” (Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 674)