"L ulu!” Mrs. Sommers and Idy screamed.

“Y-yes. Moe told me about her this morning. He said he came to fill the icebox and pantry, then he said he had to get back home because his great-niece was kidnapped.”

“Kidnapped?” Idy whispered. “You mean…”

Mrs. Sommers drew in a breath. “Idy, the men who brought Lulu to the Renards’ that night, what did they look like?”

“One was tall and the other was about medium size. They both had brown hair.”

Mrs. Sommers stood very still. “The men who came to my cottage today, looking for you, one was tall and the other medium height. Their hair was brown, too.”

“Who came?” Zachary asked. “What’s going on?”

Mrs. Sommer’s lowered her voice. “Idy, you and Lulu aren’t safe here. Those men may return.”

“Lulu’s here?!” Zachary shouted.

“Zachary, go quickly and ready the wagon. Meet us at the entrance.” She faced Idy. “We’ll get Lulu and we’ll all go to the police. You can’t stay here a moment longer.”

Moe was tired when he finally reached the Glenners, but instead of stopping at his own place, he went directly to their house.

Mrs. Glenner’s coat and hat were on the chair near the door, and Officer Maxwell was speaking to her and her husband.

“Why do you suppose the kidnappers want my wife to leave at precisely ten minutes to noon?” Lazer asked. “They stressed that point a few times.”

“I have my notions, but I’m not one hundred percent sure.”

Moe cleared his throat so as not to intrude.

“Uncle Moshe!” Tobi said. “You’re back, baruch Hashem. I’m going to the park in just a few minutes. Please daven that everything should go as planned.”

“May the Eibeshter be with you and little Leah’le every step of the way.”


“I did it,” the kidnapper said. “I left the notes in the three places like you said.”

“Good. With the wild-goose chase I’ve planned for the police, we’ve got enough time to grab the money, get back into the car, and disappear forever.”

“How can you be so sure? What if the police are there hiding?”

“Oh, the police will be hiding all right, but not in the right place!”

“What do you have planned?”

The kidnapper pointed his thumb to the back seat of the car. “Recognize it?”

“The kid’s blanket you took from the store! Looks like there’s someone wrapped in it.”

“Just stuffed with newspaper. We’ll put it some place nice and far away while the police go on a scavenger hunt.”

The other kidnapper understood. “You’re a genius!”

“A soon-to-be-very-rich genius.”

“She’ll be leaving the house in about ten minutes. Time to make the last call.”

They rushed to the café down the block and went straight to the public phone. (Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 678)