"T alya! You have got to see the bracelet my Bubby and Zaidy got me for my birthday! They let me pick it out at Joseph’s Jewelry — can you imagine? — and it’s stunning!” Chaya interrupted our Historiah study session.

“Freeze! Don’t even think of moving from your notes!” I commanded in my most threatening tone. Yes, I did want to see the bracelet — if it was from Josephs it had to be amazing — but Chaya and I had tons left to study and I needed to leave soon. And we both needed to do well on this test.

“You are such a slave driver!” Chaya complained, settling back into her seat, and picked up right where we’d left off.

Chaya and I were just about done studying for our Historiah test, thanks to tons of help from Above, Barbecue Pringles, and some well-placed threats on my part, when I glanced at my watch. “It’s five to six! My father will be here any minute so I’ll have time to do my hair. We want to be on time for my cousin’s vort.”

“Okay, I think we might even be ready for the test. I guess I should thank you for being such a bully,” Chaya said good-naturedly. “So, what will you wear tonight?”

“My blue jumper with the silver buttons; my mother found the most perfect blue and silver shell to match. And I think my silver hoops, or maybe the hanging earrings with silver orbs—” I broke off suddenly as I glimpsed Chaya’s wrist. While helping me gather my things her sleeve had pulled up, revealing… Wow! Chaya had not been exaggerating; that was the most stunning bracelet imaginable, especially the way it matched my outfit. Dare I ask? Well, it couldn’t hurt to try!

“Chaya, your bracelet is perfect and gorgeous, perfectly gorgeous! And it matches my outfit exactly! Would you, could you, pretty please, let me wear it tonight?” I begged shamelessly.

“This? I don’t see why not; you know I trust you with my life.” (Chaya’s private joke; I’m a lifeguard at the pool where she swims) “Here,” she said, as she closed the bracelet around my outstretched wrist. “You know I wanted to show you my new bracelet from Joseph’s—”

My father’s horn sounded and I grabbed Chaya for a quick hug. “Well, it’s stunning! You are the best!” I exclaimed as I raced out to the car. But really, why shouldn’t she lend it to me? I am responsible, you know.

I carefully unclasped the bracelet, laying it in my jewelry box before taking my turn in the shower. The next hour was a frantic rush to get myself ready while also helping my little sisters since my mother had gone early to help Tante Gitty set up.

“Pretty!” Sari announced, noticing my borrowed bracelet, as I tied a ribbon around her curls. “You too, sweetie,” I told her, “and you have awesome taste.” Sari looked pleased with herself, albeit a bit confused. Then we all piled into the van to join Cousin Chavi in celebrating her engagement. (Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 681)