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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Testimonial... I am the general manager of Pomegranate, the kosher food connoisseur located in Brooklyn, NY. I would like to tell you about my day this past Hoshana Rabba. The day began like all others however I did get into work at 7:00, a bit earlier than usual. By 7:45 I already received the third request for two items that usually don’t sell very well. It seemed peculiar at first, but then when the fourth customer asked for the same items, I became downright curious. Was there a new concoction to ward off bees in the sukkah or had all of my customers suddenly stumbled upon a new recipe? Trying to avoid sounding nosy, I asked the customer and was informed that she had gotten a “must-have” recipe from her friend who saw it in Mishpacha. I knew that Mishpacha is a very popular magazine from the fact that I sell over 350 copies each week. I didn’t realize just how popular it was...

--- Mayer Gold, General Manager, Pomegranate

Testimonial ...The Mishpacha staff was a pleasure to work with. They were very professional, very courteous, extremely efficient and most of all pleasant and accommodating. I have two new well-known and serious clients who just recently signed up, and I feel confident they will follow my advice and run substantial stories as advertorials in the magazine. I feel good about the level of exposure and quality of writing that is produced. This sharp and clear source of positive media exposure for my clients makes a substantial difference in positioning their organizations for future development projects...

--- Herschel Leiner, President, H.Leiner & Co.


Testimonial...I am delighted to share with you that Mishpacha Magazine has now become a genuine link to the "Mishpacha" of Camp HASC and has unleashed for us many avenues of positive public relations. We are absolutely delighted with our new "mechutonim." The friendship, professionalism, and accommodations that have been bestowed upon us by the staff of the Mishpacha Magazine are truly exemplary. Although Camp HASC has gained its fame through multimedia channels, Mishpacha Magazine is a class of its own. It has exposed us to many new communities, synagogues, and yeshiva day schools, and for that and so much more we are grateful...

--- Rabbi Shlomo Stern, Executive Director, Hebrew Academy for Special Children

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