“S ir,” Jacob said, “May I come along too? I don’t want to let my sister out of my sight. I’m scared she won’t come back.”

Officer Maxwell looked from the young boy to the tall man. “I don’t know who you all are, but why doesn’t everyone come?”

“We’ll introduce everybody on the way to the hospital,” Mr. Matthews said.

Everyone trailed behind the bewildered officer to the waiting police car.

“I don’t think we’ll all fit in this automobile,” he said. “We’ll need a larger vehicle … there.” He pointed. “We’ll take the patrol wagon. That’s big enough to hold us all.”

“A real automobile!” Fay shouted. “Oh, my!

Jacob climbed into the car. “I wonder how fast it goes.”

“Like a wagon with ten horses,” Mrs. Sommers said. “Zachary, why don’t you sit up front with your pa?”

When everyone was seated, Officer Maxwell started the engine. He looked into the rearview mirror with disbelief. “So,” he said to Mr. Matthews. “Care to fill me in?”

Mr. Matthews began the long account. By the time they had reached the hospital, Officer Maxwell knew everything.

“Mr. Matthews,” he said after everyone had stepped out of the patrol wagon. “I’d like to speak to you and Mrs. Sommers privately at the first chance we get.”

“Of course. Just tell me when.”

Officer Maxwell entered the hospital with the large group at his heels.

The nurse looked up from her papers and her eyes widened. “Officer,” she said with a skeptical voice.

“I know this is against hospital policy, but this is a situation like none other, trust me.”

The nurse bowed her head in understanding.

“Everyone remain here, including the tyke. I don’t want to shock anyone.” He tipped his hat. “I’ll return shortly.”

He walked to the center curtain occupied by the Glenners, and pulled it back a tad. “Excuse me, Mr. Glenner. Can I have a word with you?”

Mr. Glenner sprang to his feet at the sight of the officer. “Is there news? What’s happening?”

“Mr. Glenner… your daughter is well. She is safe and healthy, and anxiously waiting to see you.”

Lazer Glenner shook his head. “You mean, you found her? She’s okay? She’s alive!”

Officer Maxwell smiled. “She’s absolutely fine!”

Lazer nearly fell to his knees. “Baruch Hashem! Where is she? Take me to her, please.”

“There’s no need for that,” the officer said, “I brought her to you.”

“You mean… she’s here? Now?”

Officer Maxwell pulled back the curtain and pointed to the blonde toddler.

“Lulu!” Lazer was across the ward, and his arms wrapped around his little girl. He crushed her to him and smothered her with kisses. “Oh, Leah’la. Sweet, sweet Leah’la.”

“Papa! Papa!” Lulu flung her arms around her father’s neck.

Idy’s eyes were stuck to the yarmulke on Lazer’s head. It stirred a memory. “You’re… you’re Jewish.” (Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 684)