Question: What can be better than a party?

Answer: A lot of parties.

I love parties, and lots of parties are just amazing. Except when they overlap.

It started with a cute rhyming text from my sister-in-law on our family group, inviting us to the Grand Annual Super Fantastic Extended Adler Family Party, to be held the first night of Chanukah. She was making an early announcement, before Rosh Chodesh, so we could all schedule our other parties accordingly.

Points for good intentions, but sorry, dearie, my mother beat you to it. She booked her party a few weeks ago, to be held… Hey, you’re a genius.

I posted my problem on the group. Within seconds, my phone had a seizure.

Not avail first night either, c’we do it second, third or seventh night?

Yikes!!! Returning from EY the next morning!! Plz, plz reschedule!

Third night won’t work for us — first night is best. Count me in!

Poor sister-in-law. She wasn’t hired to coordinate this; she was simply being proactive. Nobody else had volunteered to plan this party, right?

Within minutes, she became the family mediator. Every family has two sides. Multiply that by the number of cousins on our group and you get dizzy very fast.

I have four Chanukah parties every year. My parents’, my in-laws’, my own — which I can hold any available night (see how flexible I am?) — and the Grand Annual Super Fantastic Extended Adler Family Party.

If I could have it my way, I’d choose a party every other night. Let the kids get a good night’s sleep between all the chaos. Still, I’ll take back-to-back parties over overlapping parties. Definitely.

The texts continued streaming in.

Plz not first nite. I have 2 other parties booked! Thursday would be perfect — outing after Shabbos cooking.

How about Sunday afternoon, only ladies and kids?

Really prefer first night, but if u decide Thurs I’ll make it work.