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Compiled by C. B. Lieber

Dear readers, we loved reading your answers to our questions! Here’s just a sample of the answers we got. We wish we could have included them all!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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I read the Jr. from cover to cover and I’m sure I never missed a week. But most of all I loved the serial story Hide and Seek. I’m still sad it had to end. I wanted it to continue forever! 

Simi Lebowitz, 13
Montreal, QC

The most interesting topic I read about was Hello Kitty Eva Airlines. It became so famous in my class that when we had to write a persuasive essay, we wrote one to Eva Airlines.

Rachelli Nistricer, 11
Far Rockaway, NY

My favorite Jr. characters are all the people on Sunny Lane. I like them because before I learned to read, my mother would always read them to me. My favorite story is when Fishel and Faivish were trying to help Mr. Krankowitz with his succah.

Bracha Tova Cohen, 12
Baltimore, MD

The most interesting thing I ever read in Jr. was about floating villages. I didn’t know that people actually still live on islands in the middle of the ocean!

My favorite serial was Hide and Seek. The best part of it was the ending! I loved the twist with Fay in the orphanage.

A funny story that happened to us: Last year, at recess, my friend yelled, “Eliana! Look! You’re in the Jr.” I looked and saw a picture I had made when I was six! My friends and I sure had a good laugh!

Eliana Cramer, age 10
Lakewood, NJ


The Share ’n Care that I most related to was the girl who had a problem with her relationship with her friends. I liked it ’cuz it made me feel like I’m not the only one with that problem. I saved it ’cuz in the end it helped me solve my problem.

Once I was reading Shikufitzky Street and I showed it to my mother ’cuz the same story happened to my family. We all started to laugh.

Chavi Blumenfeld, 9
Brooklyn, NY

My favorite serial was Hide and Seek. The best part was the ending — when Idy, Jacob, and the Glenners were all reunited in the hospital ward. It was a very moving scene! Every week when we got the Mishpacha I would grab the Jr. and turn straight to Hide and Seek thinking, What happened to Idy and Jacob? and Did it end yet?

Rivka Bengio, 13
Manchester, England

My favorite Jr. characters are Benny and Nonny Bear. Benny was so nice to Nonny. My favorite story about them was about the carnival and bowling, when Benny was a bear and he gave his costume to Nonny!

The craft I loved the most was the flowerpot you featured before Shavuos, with the cheesecake bottom for the pot and pipe cleaners that formed a flower. When my sisters and I finished making a bunch of them, we decorated the Shavuos table with them, putting one by each place setting.

The article I most related to was a Share ’n Care feature about not falling asleep, where a mother responded. I liked it because I realized I wasn’t the only one with this problem, and I saved the article!

My mother saves all the crafts and recipes that she thinks will come in handy one day. Before my little brother turned three, she went through the whole pile and took out what was relevant. Each of us sisters got to make something for the upsheren, and we felt so proud seeing it displayed!

Mindy Meisels, 9
Brooklyn, NY

My favorite Jr. characters are Shprintzy and Shuly. No! Shuly and Shprintzy! Um… maybe both at the same time to prevent fighting! I like them because they always seem to be fighting and I can relate to that experience.

My favorite serial was Silver and Gold. The writer got me really engaged in the story. The best part of it was that Sheva got to go to seminary and she made up with Adina.

The Share ’n Care column that I most related to was about the girl whose older sister bossed her around. My brothers boss me around! I liked it because it made me feel like a lot of people have this problem. (I didn’t realize that until I read the column.)

Tirza Wolner, 10

(Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 700)

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