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Jr. Tales: Follow That Crumb!

Tsirel Pacht

“I’m going to be busy here preparing ten pieces of bread to hide. Mommy won’t be happy if you get chometz on your clothes”

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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"I t’s gonna be a surprise,” sang four-year-old Rikki. “A big huge surprise!” She marched around, clutching her beloved pink knapsack.

The rest of the family was thrilled that Rikki was entertaining herself so that they could prepare for bedikas chometz without her getting in the way.

“Eli,” called Mommy, from deep in a pile of shelf liners, “please don’t forget to prepare the ten packets of chometz for tonight. There’s a box of leftover chometz outside. Try to find something that won’t leave crumbs.”

Eli jumped at the chance to do something other than taping chometzdig cabinets shut.

“I’ll wrap them outside, just to be sure.” As he walked into the porch, he heard light footsteps behind him.

“Rikki, did you finish playing?”

“Nope,” she replied. “I’m still in middle.”

“Okay. How about you go back inside and continue your game, then?” he suggested. “I’m going to be busy here preparing ten pieces of bread to hide. Mommy won’t be happy if you get chometz on your clothes.”

Rikki smiled stubbornly. “I want to see what you’re doing. I won’t touch the chometz.” Eli shrugged. As long as she didn’t try “helping,” there was no harm in letting her watch. Eli carefully wrapped ten pieces of bread in foil. Rikki watched closely. When all ten packets were ready, Eli placed them in a bag.

“Don’t you have to hide them?” Rikki asked in surprise.

“Yes, but only when the house is clean. Otherwise these packets might be found before Abba even gets a chance to look for them!”


Rikki nodded understandingly. “I want to help you hide them,” she said.

“Well,” Eli offered, “I don’t know about helping, but I’ll let you watch.”

Satisfied with the compromise, Rikki headed back inside. As she played with her dolls, she watched her older brother closely, so she wouldn’t miss the chance to see him hide the packets.

She had a while to wait, because soon everyone wanted a break from cleaning. She joined her family on the porch for an afternoon snack and waited patiently.

When everyone was re-energized, they tackled the cleaning again. “Eli, back to taping. Faiga, make sure to put all the supplies that are on the chometz list into the cabinets before Eli seals them. Shosh, the shelves are ready to be stocked, so you can help me with that. If you’re bored, Rikki, you can come too. Efraim, if you are very careful you can start bringing up Pesach boxes. Bring the tablecloths first and spread one on the table, so you don’t have to put anything on the floor. Eli, once the cabinets are done, everything in the house should be Pesachdig, so you can hide the ten pieces of bread. And we’re off!” Mommy announced, as if they were starting some sort of race.

Sure enough, everyone took off toward their assigned jobs. 

(Excerpted from Mishpacha Jr., Issue 703)

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