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Always Connected

Yonoson Rosenblum

Rav David Leybel started hearing cries for help from a quiet demographic in the chareidi community: kollel alumni who were rapidly losing their connection to Torah learning


A Bird in the Hand

Ari Z. Zivotovsky

Kashrus and shechitah experts Rabbi Chaim Loike and Rabbi Avrohom Reit are on a mission to make halachah a hands-on experience


Last Licks of Summer

Shraga Simmons

After traversing Brooklyn in an ice cream truck, Gary Winkler floated the idea of his own company. Forty years later, what could be better than selling scoops of smiles?


Midterm Litmus Test for Trump

Omri Nahmias

Trump’s name may not appear on the ballot, but in every other way, the election results will be a litmus test of his presidency — and he knows it


Everything Wrong for the Alt-Right

Omri Nahmias

After miserable rally turnout, is it good night for alt-right?


A Few Minutes with Rabbi Abba Cohen

Omri Nahmias

Agudah's Washington director Abba Cohen on the anti-Semitic threat in America


What Israel Lost in Gaza

Binyamin Rose

Costly cease-fire: Why tomorrow may be too late to destroy Hamas


What Israel Gains with a Yes, But

Binyamin Rose

Enter Bibi Netanyahu, the Middle East grandmaster of the “yes, but”


The Real Impediment to Peace

Binyamin Rose

If the Trump administration wants to know where the real impediment to peace lies, there’s a public opinion survey it should take a closer look at


Spy Games

Eliezer Shulman

Mossad veterans talk about Israel’s black ops


Double Talk: Premature Pity

Rochel Grunewald

Before she could respond, I demanded, “What do you want to tell people? She isn’t home. She isn’t in the hospital. Why is it a secret?”


Shared Space: Chapter 18

Dov Haller

Yes, he thought, my father is a mashgiach at Jumping Jax and your father is Benjy Halb but that still doesn’t give you the right to patronize me

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Whose State Is It?
Rabbi Moshe Grylak The Nation-State Bill adds nothing to the simple truth
First, Clean Your Room
Yonoson Rosenblum Disorder of our rooms reflects the disorder of our minds
Start Up with G-d
Eytan Kobre “Women rabbis” suffocate the spirit of the law
The Non-Competitive Competitors
Rabbi Avrohom Weinrib Competition? We are all working for the same Boss!
In Defense of Those Eltere Bochurim
“Still Waiting” (an anonymous contributor) A perspective built on 12 years (and counting) of dating
No Size Fits All
Jacob L. Freedman Meir’s success seemed practically carved out for him
Endnote - Start with the Heart
Riki Goldstein “I start with the heart of the sound, then add layers”
Great Shakes
Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman Hashem has His ways of pressing our “reset” button
Of Gates and Gators
Faigy Peritzman Our ears can receive messages the most easily
I Don’t Know
Sarah Chana Radcliffe Get around decision paralysis by listening to your gut
Time to Try the Frum Dating Sites?
Sara Eisemann That’s my problem and I’ll have to work it through